About us

Agriculture Post (www.AgriculturePost.com) is a knowledge-sharing platform focusing on the transformations taking place in the agriculture sector in India and globally. The portal has taken this challenge – to take farmers’ struggles and efforts to the mainstream of India’s growth story. New technologies, varieties, and disruptions are being developed by the public and private sector organisations, but very few get commercialised and reach the farmers. Agriculture Post takes the research and the necessary knowledge from the lab to the land of the farming community. It seeks to share solutions for increasing food production to feed the growing population, facilitates sustainable use of land, water and human resources, and of technologies to fight the ill effects of climate change and more.

The portal connects all the stakeholders – researchers, scientists, students, policymakers, private sector agribusiness companies, farmers, post-harvest management agencies, the food processing sector, and consumers of agri commodities – for providing maximum benefit to the farming sector.

Let’s make agriculture a profession of choice and develop the society holistically…

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