Ingen Technologies bags contract for procurement of automatic rain gauge stations in Karnataka

Ingen Technologies bags contract for procurement of automatic rain gauge stations in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Ingen Technologies, a fully-owned subsidiary of Weather Risk Management Services (WRMS), recently collaborated with the Water Resource Department of Government of Karnataka and bagged the contract for procurement of Automatic Weather Stations and automatic rain gauge stations in the state, the company said today.

“Under the 5-year project, Ingen technologies will take up the charge of supplying, installing, testing, commissioning, and maintaining a real-time data acquisition system (RTDAS) for the hydrological information system of 16 automatic weather stations (AWS) and 237 telemetric rain gauge stations (TRG) with telemetry system across Yermarus Circle (Bagalkot, Kalburgi & Dharwad divisions). Whereas, in Mysore Circle (Mysore and Hassan divisions), the company will supply, install, test, commission, and maintain RTDAS for hydrological information systems of eight automatic weather stations (AWS) and 184 telemetric rain gauge stations (TRG) with telemetry systems,” the company informed.

Ingen Technologies will be fully responsible for providing the Water Resource Department of Government of Karnataka with Real Time Hydro-Met data acquisition network. It will also provide the key data required for forecasting inflows into the basin and other related activities. A Real-Time Data Acquisition System (RTDAS) will consist of a telemetry network of rainfall and hydro-meteorological (weather) parameters that will be installed to provide inputs to the RTDAS.

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Announcing the project, Ashish Agarwal, Co-founder & CTO, Weather Risk Management Services said, “Both the projects are a major leap forward for us to expand our solution across Southern India. Karnataka requires a cutting-edge Hydrological Information System (HIS) to supply the data and information required for the efficient management of the state’s water resources. Given the significance of agriculture to the state, resource management is paramount. We are confident that our Telemetric (Automatic) Rain Gauge (TRG / ARG) sensor and Automatic Weather Station (AWS) will help in the timely detection of water-related risk to build climate resilience.”

Ingen Technologies manufactures, supplies, installs and operates advanced farm IoTs (Internet of Things) like Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), Automatic Rain Gauge Systems (ARG), and Automatic Irrigation Systems, among other related solutions. The company has installed more than 15,000 IoTs across the country and is working with many government organisations like Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre, Andhra Pradesh State Development Planning Society, and more. Ingen claims to have a team of over 500 multi-disciplinary experts across agricultural science, data science, meteorology, actuarial science and information technology.

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