National campaign to aware 5 lakh rural students

The Ritesh Rawal Foundation – working towards student education from various strata’s of the society has launched a Nation wide campaign ‘Learning by Doing’. The campaign aims to provide firsthand experience of Learn by Doing concept to the kids in government schools across India.
The campaign aims to reach the deep pockets of states where the education standards are still lagging behind the national standards. In times, when schools have started to move towards Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and many schools have shifted their teaching towards tablets and smart devices the education in rural India is still dependent on books and blackboard.
Ritesh Rawal, Founder, Ritesh Rawal Foundation said, “Learning by doing movement believes doing the things rather than listening. The organisation aims to implement its ideas by collaborating with local government structures and later on influencing at the policy level with an objective to achieve standardisation.”
The Ritesh Rawal foundation has started this movement to reach around 5 states by the month of Sep 2019 and aims to reach out to over half a million students by 2022 in India. Based on the research the campaign has been divided into two phases. First phase is aimed at creating awareness and establishing basic learning environment in the school so that “doing’’ can take place, to create learning environment a capacity building program will be conducted for teachers and they will trained about how to create learning environment for “Learning by doing”, each student also receives a learning by doing starter kit and school gets innovative tools in the form sports, music, art and craft etc. In this second phase each school would be given learning by doing curriculum so that they can sustain the movement through a structured approach and make it a part of their daily life.
“We have launched this movement from Haryana, the reason we started from Haryana is that when we look at Haryana as a state the urban rural divide is so evident, for example Haryana consist a millennium city called Gurgaon in which you have some of the best schools of the world and students are studying the best in class learning curriculum, the moment you step out just under 100 km from Gurgaon the picture is absolutely different, schools need basics to create a “doing” based learning environment and there is a lot of scope to contribute so we saw an opportunity here and thought of applying ourselves here and create some success stories” added Rawal.

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