Unnati plans to partner with 10,000 FPOs by 2025

Unnati plans to partner with 10,000 FPOs by 2025
The FinTech-driven agriculture ecosystem plans to impact the lives of one crore farmers by 2025 by leveraging its tech infrastructure and the recently announced agriculture and FPO-friendly government policies

Leveraging the policy support from the Government of India, Unnati, a FinTech-driven agriculture company has planned to partner with over 10,000 farmer producer organisations (FPO) which will subsequently impact the lives of one crore farmers by the year 2025.

The Union Budget 2022 focused on taking the agriculture sector a step further through sustained growth and an emphasis on digital infrastructure. The government’s plans of multi-dimensional interventions to usher in next-gen digital agriculture through technology, R&Ds, and most importantly, leveraging agritech platforms and FPOs (farmer producer organisations) will be a game-changer for the industry.

Unnati has stayed well ahead in terms of utilising FPOs (farmer producer organisations) and robust tech infrastructure to enhance farmers’ lives and revolutionise the agriculture sector. The latest announcements by the government will help further the platform’s work and create a robust agri ecosystem in India.

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Giving farmers access to tech-led business solutions to enhance their economic strengths and market linkages, Unnati empowers them through FPOs, thereby increasing farmers’ overall income. The platform equips FPOs to leverage their collective strengths and bargaining power to access financial and non-financial farm inputs, services, and technologies to optimise transaction costs and tap into high-value markets.

Furthermore, Unnati has envisaged impacting small farmers by directly supporting FPOs through a host of services, including digital payments, banking, output sale, loans, brand promotions, and agri advisory and farm predictions. With this, FPOs will further augment processes such as farmer management, accounting, inventory management, streamlining of operations, and overall business enhancement. The government’s agriculture and FPO policies will help Unnati further expedite its work of improving farmers’ lives and income.

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Elaborating Unnati’s FPO partnership and the government’s latest policies, Amit Sinha, Co-Founder of Unnati said, “Unnati has been committed to building a robust ecosystem where farmers can gain easy access to the market, know their inputs and increase the quality of their yield. We have partnered with FPOs to do the same. The latest policies announced by the government will help us take this to the next level and create a robust agriculture ecosystem where farmers can reap the benefits of having access to a technologically sound working system. On the back of the budget, we will continue to work towards the betterment of farmers’ lives through a digital agri network.”

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