Rallis India introduces ‘Mark Plus’ herbicide for effective weed control in soybean and groundnut crops

Rallis India introduces 'Mark Plus' herbicide for effective weed control in soybean and groundnut crops

Rallis India, a Tata Enterprise and a leader in the Indian agri-inputs industry has launched a new herbicide called ‘Mark Plus’ nationwide. This herbicide offers effective weed control for crops like groundnut and soybean, providing broad-spectrum management. Initially available in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat, Mark Plus will be rolled out across India to other key markets, the company announced today.

“Mark Plus is a potent herbicide targeting the ‘pre-emergence’ segment for soybean and groundnut crops. Developed through advanced research, it features a new formulation with two active ingredients being introduced in India for the first time. Mark Plus operates through dual mechanisms: it inhibits ALS (an enzyme essential for weed growth) and disrupts microtubule formation (critical for cell division in weeds). This dual action ensures comprehensive and long-lasting weed control,” Rallis India said.

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Elaborating the benefits of the newly launched herbicide, S Nagarajan, Chief Operating Officer of Rallis India, said, “We are excited to introduce Mark Plus, an effective and advanced herbicide designed to meet the critical need for weed control in groundnut and soybean crops. This unique product aligns perfectly with our commitment to addressing the evolving needs of farmers.”

Rallis India, a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals and a member of the US$150 billion Tata Group, is one of India’s premier agriculture science companies. With over 75 years of experience serving rural markets, Rallis offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for Indian farmers. The company is renowned for its deep understanding of Indian agriculture, consistent engagement with farmers, high-quality agrochemicals, and expertise in branding and marketing. Rallis boasts a robust product portfolio in seeds and crop care, accessible through a vast distribution network of 7,000 dealers and over 100,000 retailers across India. Additionally, Rallis has marketing alliances with several multinational agrochemical companies.

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