Mahindra celebrates International Women’s Day with the launch of #DeshkiShakti

Mahindra celebrates International Women's Day with the launch of #DeshkiShakti
#DeshkiShakti challenges gender stereotypes, through a simple yet effective narrative with a woman agri entrepreneur called ‘Shakti’, a young vibrant and confident woman farmer

Mahindra Tractors, part of the Mahindra Group and the world’s largest tractor manufacturer by volume, today celebrated International Women’s Day with the launch of a new digital film #DeshkiShakti.

The new digital film highlights the role of women in farming, as successful farmers, decision-makers and entrepreneurs.

Mahindra #DeshkiShakti challenges gender stereotypes, through a simple yet effective narrative with a woman agri entrepreneur called ‘Shakti’, a young vibrant and confident woman farmer, who helps raise awareness about the stereotypes around women and their contribution to Indian agriculture.

#DeshkiShakti – The storyline

A young vibrant woman farmer, Shakti is the digital film’s main protagonist of the digital film, also responsible for the success of Choudhary Farm.

In the film, Shakti offers an agri magazine journalist a ride on her shiny red Mahindra tractor, to Choudhary Farm – a successful agribusiness, which happened to be both the journalist’s and Shakti’s destination.

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At Choudhary Farm, the journalist was in pursuit of Choudhary, Shaki’s father, to invite him to the agri magazine’s annual award function, where he’d be conferred with an ‘Innovative Farmers Award’ for his exemplary work at Chaudhary Farm, while also wanting to interview him for the innovative work undertaken by the successful agribusiness.

On meeting Choudhary, the journalist realised that it wasn’t Chaudhary who was responsible for the success of Chaudhary Farm, but his daughter Shakti, who was instrumental in the success of the business, crediting her with driving innovative practices of the business.

Surprised and embarrassed, the journalist turns to Shakti, apologising for the misunderstanding, while justifying that it was unconventional for a woman to run an agri-related business, as he realises his own gender biases. Shakti explained to him that it wasn’t his fault, but that of societies, who picture a farmer to be that of a man.

Mahindra #DeshkiShakti emphasises the need to recognise and appreciate a women’s contribution to the Indian farming ecosystem, which are often overlooked due to social and gender biases, while also delivering a powerful message that urges the audience to reflect on their own assumptions and biases.

Women in Farming

80 per cent of the world’s poor are from rural areas and make a living primarily through agriculture, on smallholder farms, and below one acre of land. They are responsible for producing over a third of the globe’s food. And much of this work is accomplished by women.

In India, women play a vital role in agriculture, contributing significantly to food production and agricultural development, but often face discrimination, lack of access to resources and technologies, and limited decision-making power.

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Besides farming, women are also expected to prepare their family meals, clean their homes and take care of the elderly, children and livestock. And with every passing generation, India’s rural women continue to take the lead in helping the family adjust to new realities and challenges. Empowering women fuels booming economies, stimulates productivity and thereby overall growth.

Despite playing a multidimensional role, gender inequality remains a cause of concern globally. Women face occupational discrimination and are often denied access to basic education and healthcare and are also under-represented in the political and economic decision-making processes. Unsung heroes of the agricultural landscape, women carry a great part of the burden of their families, despite limited resources and restricted access to knowledge.

By raising awareness through this film, Mahindra Tractors aims to dispel social stereotypes and create opportunities for women in the farming community.

Overall, this initiative aligns well with Mahindra’s RISE to drive positive change towards creating an equal world, uplifting the farming community, particularly women farmers and creating a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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