TMG changes nomenclature of soybean cultivars and launches varieties named after Brazilian trees

TMG changes nomenclature of soybean cultivars and launches varieties named after Brazilian trees

Brazil: TMG – Tropical Melhoramento & Genética, a Brazilian company providing genetic solutions for cotton, soybeans and corn, announced changes to the commercial names of its soybean cultivars. The new varieties are named after native Brazilian trees. The launch was made during a live broadcast promoted with more than 300 participants, from across the licensee network.

Ricardo Franconere, marketing manager at TMG, explains that the change is part of a broad concept, called “Brazilian roots that transform the future”. According to him, the objective “is to reinforce the company’s Brazilian origin, the importance of the connection with the countryside and the commitment to the future development of the country’s agriculture.”

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Since its foundation, TMG has had its essence connected to the field. Born from the union between the vision of farmers and the knowledge of researchers, the company has dedicated itself for more than 20 years to developing innovative solutions that respond to the needs of Brazilian rural producers, through genetic improvement. Upon celebrating two decades of history, the company announced an investment of R$2 billion until 2031, allocated to more than 70 projects.

“Talking about roots and looking to the future further reinforces our Brazilianness and the role we have in the sector by delivering solutions that promote profitability, safety and quality to farmers. When we talk about roots, we are making direct reference to this bond, which is our main heritage, just as native trees are our country’s heritage”, points out Francisco Soares, president of TMG during the launch.

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With 14 research bases distributed in the main agricultural regions of Brazil, in addition to more than 100 selection and characterisation environments for new cultivars, TMG is the Brazilian genetic improvement company that invests the most in technology for agribusiness, with more than R$100 million invested in equipment, infrastructure and R&D projects last year. In the last eight years, the company has quadrupled the number of professionals with master’s, doctorate and post-doctorate degrees, reinforcing its commitment to the quality of its solutions.

“With an eye focused on the future, in recent years we have intensified our efforts to maximise results for rural producers. Through structural changes, investments in human capital, technology, as well as research and development, are essential for agriculture to advance further and further. We seek to boost the competitiveness of national agribusiness”, said Soares.

TMG bets on relationships with licensees and producers

Throughout the first quarter of this year, the company held the 2024 round of Conecta TMG, an event that toured its bases in five Brazilian states, presenting its portfolio to the market. And with this, it reaffirms its commitment to farmers to deliver products that meet the needs of the countryside, since its foundation, the company has placed the farmer at the centre of its decisions.

Renan dos Santos, market access manager at TMG, explains that Conecta TMG “is a moment in which the company has the opportunity to show how it is preparing for the future. Licensees were able to learn about the products that have now been launched by the company in the field. We had a massive participation of graduates from southern Brazil at the event held in Passo Fundo/RS and we were very pleased with the result. The event grows and becomes an important part of our plan each year and we are optimistic about delivering an even better event next year.”

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Douglas Andrade, account manager at the company, added that “all of this is to present to the public results achieved with a lot of work and investments in research and development that we carry out, aiming to meet the demands of producers with excellence”. According to him, “It was important to promote the diversity of the portfolio of soybean cultivars that TMG has adapted to the southwest region of Goiás, for example. These are cultivars that, in addition to productivity, bring attributes to meet every need of the farmer in Goiás, such as resistance to cyst nematodes, gall nematodes and other important characteristics and precocity.”

TMG – Tropical Melhoramento & Genética, provides genetic solutions for cotton, soybeans and corn, and works to deliver innovation to the field, contributing to meeting the global demand for grains and fibres sustainably. In 2021, it completed 20 years of operation throughout Brazil. TMG’s headquarters is located in Cambé (PR), and has units in the States of Mato Grosso, Goiás and Rio Grande do Sul, the main Brazilian producing regions with trials and field experiments.

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