ACF, Trustea partner to promote sustainable tea production in West Bengal

ACF, Trustea partner to promote sustainable tea production in West Bengal
The project aims to add additional volumes of sustainably produced tea to the Indian tea supply chain by facilitating implementation of the Trustea programme

Aiming to encourage sustainable agriculture in the tea sector, Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF), announced its association with Trustea Sustainable Tea Foundation. The association aims to upgrade and introduce a large number of producers to the Trustea programme in West Bengal, which would catalyse the process of enhancing sustainability in the tea industry and enhancing the livelihood of small tea growers and tea garden workers.

With this collaboration, ACF has entered into a new region for promoting eco-friendly tea production and added a new crop support to its agriculture portfolio as well. An MoU in this regard was signed between ACF and Trustea for an on-field implementation of the sustainable farming programme on an immediate basis. Along with promoting sustainable agricultural practices to improve productivity and reduce costs, the tea garden programme also aims to ensure the future security of tea supply in India and to protect the ecosystems whilst improving the quality of life for small tea growers and workers.

Trustea Sustainable Tea Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation promoting and facilitating the sustainable transformation of the Indian tea supply chain based on globally accepted sustainability principles and practices. Putting light on the partnership, Rajesh Bhuyan, Director, Trustea Sustainable Tea Foundation said, “Trustea programme has been working on sustainability in tea production in India with active support from programme partners such as IDH – the sustainable trade initiative, Hindustan Unilever (HUL), Tata Global Beverages (TGBL) and Gujarat Tea Producers and Packers (GTPP)”.

Highlighting the entrance into a new territory, Pearl Tiwari, CEO, Ambuja Cement Foundation said, “We are closely working towards the nation’s commitment to achieve its sustainable goals. The collaboration with Trustea will further strengthen our sustainable agriculture mission and support tea growers and tea garden workers in the tea growing areas of West Bengal to adopt environment-friendly sustainable farming.”

In order to achieve the aim to reach the targeted volumes of sustainably produced tea, ACF will advise and provide on ground services for tea estates and smallholder farmers to achieve sustainable transformation and improve their competitiveness in line with the goals of the Trustea programme. “Under this programme, we would help make tea cultivation a sustainable source of income for smallholders and create improved market access for tea growers. This programme will help them improve the quality of their lives,” Tiwari added. ACF will also facilitate the use of the Tracetea app to provide a digital traceability feature to the stakeholders.

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