Astec LifeSciences launches R&D Center to develop new crop protection formulations

Astec LifeSciences launches R&D Center to develop new crop protection formulations
The R&D Center is equipped with a synthesis lab for product synthesis and a formulation lab to develop new formulations in the crop protection space

Astec LifeSciences, a subsidiary of Godrej Agrovet (GAVL), today launched its new advanced research and development (R&D) center in Rabale, Maharashtra. Named the ‘Adi Godrej Center for Chemical Research and Development’, the facility will focus on leading-edge innovation and developing sustainable and safe solutions for people and the environment and providing services to innovator companies in contract development and manufacturing space (CDMO).

Focused on new product generation, process optimisation and scale-up along with product life-cycle management, the R&D Center will catalyse Godrej Group’s ambition to be an application-agnostic partner of choice for innovator companies in the rapidly growing agrochemical industry.

The R&D Center is equipped with a synthesis lab for product synthesis and a formulation lab to develop new formulations in the crop protection space. Supported by advanced analytical instruments to drive R&D, the center also houses sophisticated process safety infrastructure to undertake safe and sustainable chemical reactions.

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Given its capabilities, the new R&D Center will enable the company to develop a newer range of sustainable products at a faster pace and at a greater scale, thereby adding value to its customers’ businesses, without compromising on ethics, safety and care for the environment.

Speaking at the launch, Nadir Godrej, Chairman, GAVL said, “The launch of the R&D Center in Rabale is a significant milestone for Astec LifeSciences in our quest to tap immense potential in the chemical industry. Designed to be a hub of cutting-edge research and development, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by some of the brightest minds in the field, at Godrej, we continue to foster curiosity and a culture of innovation. A testament to our commitment to offering advanced solutions with a focus on green chemistry and sustainability, I am happy that our R&D capability and world-class infrastructure will add value for our stakeholders, employees and customers.”

Emphasising on the need to invest in setting up a new R&D Center, Balram Singh Yadav, Managing Director, GAVL said, “India is an emerging frontier in the chemicals space. However, harnessing its full potential will require an enabling ecosystem and that’s where this R&D Center comes in. The potential in this sector, not just domestically but also globally is huge, and we are confident that our R&D capabilities and the backing of the trusted Godrej brand will make us future-ready and position us at the very cutting edge of the sector.”

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Highlighting the potential benefits for its clients and company, Anurag Roy, Chief Executive Offer, Astec LifeSciences said, “The CDMO market for chemicals in India is expected grow at a CAGR of 12 per cent as against the global rate of 10 per cent. This underlines the incredible potential in this sector, and it is herein our new facility will enable us to expand our offerings specifically in CDMO space. Equipping us to tap on new opportunities, it will also make us a partner of choice through our improved ability to provide end-to-end solutions to our customers – from the R&D stage to development to the commercialisation of products. Slashing the time-to-market for innovative solutions, we are confident that by improving product development, providing access to advanced equipment and facilities, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation, the new R&D Center will cement us at the right place in the sector at the right time.”

India is becoming the preferred hub for the chemical sector due to the availability of skilled technical manpower, raw materials, and a strong IP regime. Astec LifeSciences aims to make a difference with its strong research and infrastructure capability, smooth and faster scale-up capability and world-class HSEQ standards. The company is investing heavily in building up its expertise and has hired over 100 chemists and engineers with a plan to double the same during 2023-24.

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