CMFRI launches mobile app to encourage citizen science initiative in marine fisheries research

CMFRI launches mobile app to encourage citizen science initiative in marine fisheries research

Kochi: The ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) has come up with an innovative mobile app ‘MARLIN@CMFRI’ to encourage citizen science initiatives in marine fisheries research. A gateway for comprehensive media sharing, this app is poised to transform marine fisheries research, species identification, and assessment efforts within India’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

‘MARLIN@CMFRI’ allows the public to effortlessly upload photos of marine fish species encountered in the vast expanse of the Indian EEZ, leading to the development of a rich visual repository of marine fishery resources. The app encourages users to provide species details ensuring that the database is scientifically enriched, facilitating accurate species identification. This data will contribute to the development of a sophisticated, AI-powered system for automated identification of marine fishery resources.

Geotagging is a pivotal feature of this mobile app that enables users to pinpoint the exact location where each marine species was landed. This data enhances the precision of the database, providing crucial information for researchers and conservationists studying the distribution patterns of various species within the Indian EEZ.

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Highlighting the newly launched app, Dr A Gopalakrishnan, Director of CMFRI, said, “The app is a collaborative platform that unites individuals passionate about marine conservation. By bridging the gap between citizen science and cutting-edge technology, ‘MARLIN@CMFRI’ transforms every user into a crucial contributor to the understanding and preservation of marine biodiversity.”

The app was developed under a project led by Dr Eldho Varghese at the Fishery Resources Assessment, Economics and Extension division of CMFRI.

“The knowledge base generated by this application will lead to the creation of an automated system for estimating marine fish landings through visual images captured at landing centres, employing advanced AI-driven deep learning algorithms”, Dr Eldho Varghese said.

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