FMC India collaborates with PAU for Science Leaders Scholarship Program

FMC India collaborates with PAU for Science Leaders Scholarship Program

FMC India, an agricultural sciences company, today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with one of the country’s premier agriculture universities – Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) in Ludhiana. The collaboration is part of FMC’s multi-year scholarship programme for renowned agricultural schools across eight states in India aimed at promoting talent in the field of agriculture.

Under the agreement, FMC will award four scholarships annually to students from the university pursuing doctorate and master’s degrees in agricultural sciences. FMC will work with the university to identify its brightest students and develop their passion for agricultural science and research. Fifty per cent of the scholarships have been earmarked for female candidates to encourage more women to pursue careers in agricultural sciences. In addition to the scholarships, FMC will further enhance its long-standing collaborative research work, and strategic alliances ongoing with the university.

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“The FMC Science Leaders Scholarship Program is designed with an aim to create greater opportunities for aspiring scientists to develop their aptitude in agricultural research. Additionally, through the FMC scholarships, the awardees will be provided opportunities for internship and industry mentorship for their overall development. This will encourage students to pursue rewarding careers in the agricultural industry and eventually contribute to Indian agriculture by solving the emerging problems of the farming community,” said Dr. Anandakrishnan Balaraman, Research and Development Director at FMC India.

Dr. Shammi Kapoor, Registrar, Punjab Agricultural University, applauded the contributions made by FMC for providing comprehensive solutions in the farm and food sector and keeping ‘Farmers First’ in the strategy, planning and action plans. “Scholarships like the FMC Science Leaders Scholarship Program will strongly help in developing futuristic sustainable agricultural technologies by motivating the young innovative minds of scholars in the institutions. Involving industry experts as mentors will enhance the skill set of the students and help them make promising contributions to the growth of the country,” said Dr. Kapoor, speaking at the occasion.

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Dr. Sandeep Bains, Dean, Postgraduate Studies, PAU, also appreciated the initiative taken by FMC for supporting the students in the universities to pursue higher education and building professional excellence in their subject areas. She highlighted the collaborations PAU was having with leading industry partners in various academic, research and extension programmes and emphasised the importance of such collaborations in building future students and the economy.

PAU also organised a dedicated interaction of the university’s post-graduate students with the visiting FMC experts that helped the student community explore career opportunities in the agricultural industry in general and FMC in particular.

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