Agriculture minister inaugurates 30 pack houses in Haryana

Agriculture minister inaugurates 30 pack houses in Haryana

Haryana is ahead in crop production and horticulture, it cannot be praised enough. Today it is necessary that farmers cultivate new crops, use technology in production and produce quality products. It is a matter of happiness that the farmers of Haryana and the Haryana government are walking on this path, Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister, Narendra Singh Tomar said while speaking at the inauguration of 30 Integrated Pack Houses across the state at Aterna village in Sonipat (Haryana) on Thursday.

In this programme organised by the horticulture department of Haryana Government, Tomar praised the schemes being run for the farmers in the state. In Haryana, 30 pack houses are being built across the state through farmer producer organisations (FPOs). The Haryana government has planned about 500 pack houses. Setting up of 100 pack houses will change the picture of Haryana, while 500 pack houses will bring revolution in the field of horticulture in the state.

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The agriculture minister said, Haryana is the leading state in agriculture. The farmer here is in a good condition. There have been innovations in farming. Efforts have been made to develop farmers and agriculture. The Haryana government has helped the farmers by purchasing coarse grains. He said that the results of the new schemes of the Central and Haryana governments have started coming in.

Speaking at the occasion, Haryana’s Agriculture Minister, Jai Prakash Dalal said, today there are 11 excellence centres in the state, through which crores of saplings are being developed and distributed to the farmers. Farmers of Haryana are being given the benefit of the crop insurance scheme. The state government has doubled the budget for canals. Up to 85 per cent subsidy is being given in the field of irrigation. The Haryana government has formed a pond authority for the renovation of ponds. Along with this, brackish water farmers have been encouraged to take up shrimp farming. Dalal said that cold stores, and pack houses are being established in the state. The world’s largest vegetable market is being set up in Gannaur, which will be spread over 5,500 acres. It will cost Rs 10,000 crore to make it. This will provide employment to thousands of people.

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