SLCM Group gets patent for its ‘Agri Reach’ technology platform in warehousing segment

SLCM Group gets patent for its ‘Agri Reach’ technology platform in warehousing segment (In photo: Sandeep Sabharwal, CEO, SLCM Group)

Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM), India’s leading post-harvest management group has received the ‘Patent Certificate’ from Government of India for its application titled ‘Methods For Real-Time Data Management’ filed on December 16, 2013 for Agri Reach. SLCM Group is the only company in the Indian agriculture sector that has registered a technology patent in the agri logistics (warehousing) segment to date, the company said today.

Highlighting the achievement, Sandeep Sabharwal, Chief Executive Officer, SLCM Group said, “Observing the increasing pace of technology penetration, I had the vision of ‘Phygitalizing’ the warehouse management system over a decade ago. With a dedicated team of professionals, we created ‘Agri Reach’ – a system that enables effective warehousing solutions agnostic of infrastructure, geography, and crops. With a firm belief in our innovation and a passion to improve Indian agriculture, we applied for the patent nine years ago. Today, it gives me immense pleasure to say that our patent application has received its accreditation from the Government of India. This brings us one step closer to revolutionising agriculture at the ground level.”

Agri Reach, SLCM Group’s proprietary solution, allows real-time monitoring and management of crops. Under the umbrella, the invention offers a diverse set of services such as audit receipts, quality control and surveillance. This helps agriculture experts to maintain the health of stored crops and ensure optimum quality using a series of processes, audits, and real-time tracking of the facilities. Agri Reach is capable of establishing industry-standard warehouse operations anywhere across the country within 24 hours.

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The impact of Agri Reach implementation across the business verticals of SLCM Group has resulted in remarkable growth, which is considered as an industry benchmark. In 2017, SLCM Group was handling Assets Under Management (AUM) worth INR 1,010.9 crore per day. In comparison to this, the current outstanding AUM handled by the company per day has a net worth of INR 5,322.75 crore as on March 20, 2022.

Addressing the scalability potential, Sandeep Sabharwal said, “Warehousing represents the granaries of agriculture and Agri Reach has the ability to transform Agri storage across India. According to a study conducted by FICCI, Agri Reach can reduce post-harvest losses from 10 per cent to 0.5 per cent. By the virtue of these numbers, Agri Reach can enable Indian agriculture industry to save over US$13 billion per annum said the study. The impact of this figure will reflect in improved productivity, efficiency, farmer income and ultimately, better food security for the nation.“

Apart from this, SLCM Group is currently working on various other technologies that have the capability to enable the efficient integration of physical infrastructure with digitised enterprises, thereby strengthening the foundation of ‘Phygital’ agriculture supply chain.

Photo: Sandeep Sabharwal, CEO, SLCM Group

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