Agri10x integrates with Polygon to fast-track business scalability

Agri10x integrates with Polygon to fast-track business scalability

India’s leading B2B e-marketplace Agri10x announced its integration with Polygon, a leading ethereum scaling solution provider, aiming to give a facelift to the agriculture sector. Agri10x’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain-enabled platform connects farmers with buyers worldwide, whereas Polygon is popularly known for providing ethereum scaling solutions. This integration is expected to fast-track business scalability and immensely benefit the agriculture sector at the grassroot level.

Speaking on the collaboration, Pankajj Ghode, CEO & co-founder, Agri10x said, “We are pleased to collaborate with the Polygon team and look forward to working together. Our strengths combined with their expertise will help streamline the supply chain process and offer strong support to our expansion plans.”

“We are impressed with how fast Agri10x has become India’s leading e-marketplace and post-harvest solution provider. We are delighted that Agri10x has chosen Polygon to help bring digital transformation to the farming community,” said, Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon.

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Polygon addresses pain points associated with blockchain without compromising on security. Its key features include compatibility, flexibility, and scalability. Polygon provides complete compatibility with ethereum, which enables developers to adapt quickly. Polygon also employs a wide range of solutions that give users flexibility and scalability with low transaction fees that are a fraction of what standard ETH transactions cost.

Sundeep Bose, co-founder & CTO, Agri10x said, “Blockchain is a superior technology that offers transparency, traceability, immutability, and reliability across different synergies in the post-harvest ecosystem. This tie-up will enhance our current platform. We are aiming at a faster and more cost-efficient delivery, improve product traceability at the farm-gate level and aid access to micro-financing.”

The integration is being seen as part of Agri10x’s broader strategy to seize growth opportunities across different verticals, diversify globally and ameliorate efficiency in the demand and supply chain model too. Apart from India, Agri10x is fast expanding its footprint offshore and making its presence felt across Southeast Asia and Middle East countries.

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