BAU Sabour gets UK design patent for agricultural efficiency testing device

BAU Sabour gets UK design patent for agricultural efficiency testing device

Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), Sabour has reached a significant milestone by receiving a United Kingdom design patent for its ‘Innovative Digital Computer Device for Agricultural Efficiency Testing.’ This device is set to revolutionise agricultural education and efficiency testing, offering farmers and extension workers a powerful tool to enhance their skills and knowledge.

The primary goal of this device is to assess and improve understanding of various cropping systems, including major grains like maize, wheat, and rice; major vegetables like eggplant and potato; and significant fruit crops like mango and guava.

The team of innovators behind this device includes Chandan Kumar Panda, Tamoghna Saha, Meera Kumari, Suborna Roy Chowdhury, Anupam Das, Dunia Ram Singh, Anil Kumar Singh, and Ajay Kumar Sah. Their collaborative efforts aim to make a substantial impact on the agricultural sector, driving progress and efficiency for both farmers and professionals.

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Designed to operate on a user-paced engagement principle, the device ensures effective learning and practical application for individual users, accommodating their specific needs and schedules. It is expected to optimise agricultural practices by providing necessary knowledge to farmers, enhancing the skills of extension workers for better community support, and promoting sustainable and efficient agricultural practices through informed decision-making.

The BAU device covers essential topics such as plant protection, pesticide dosage, soil health management, fertiliser application, weed management, and irrigation scheduling. It can be installed at various locations, including farmer training centres and community centres, to ensure broad accessibility.

Highlighting the development, DR Singh, Vice Chancellor, Bihar Agricultural University, said that this patent underscores their commitment to advancing agricultural education and practice. AK Singh, director of research at BAU, highlighted the university’s dedication to practical agricultural progress.

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