Cropin launches AI Labs; To bring predictive intelligence to every acre of world’s cultivable land

Cropin launches AI Labs; To bring predictive intelligence to every acre of world's cultivable land
A team of researchers and scientists in AI/ML, earth observation, and agrisciences will focus on computing global agriculture assets, with a target to build intelligence for 1/3rd of the planet's cultivable lands by 2025

Cropin, the Bengaluru-based agritech pioneer, building the first global intelligent agriculture cloud, announced that it has set up a new AI Labs. With an initial team of 30 members comprising earth observation scientists, data scientists, agronomists and AI/ML researchers, the AI Labs will focus on studying and ‘computing’ cultivable lands worldwide. “Leveraging the contextual convergence of earth-observation data, geo-fenced field data, AI (artificial intelligence) models and knowledge built and tested over the years, Cropin’s AI Labs scientists will bring intelligence to every acre of the world’s farmlands,” the agritech company has said today.

The complex process of ‘Agri asset computation’ brings together hyperlocal historical and forecasted weather data, soil information, agro-climatic conditions, seed genetics, global crop sowing and harvesting patterns, management practices, agronomical knowledge, land records, farmer KYC and other farming insights, all under one umbrella. Cropin’s proprietary knowledge graphs are created on trillions of farm pixel datasets that continuously grow and multiply in time and space, allowing the company to build and implement the various AI models in any country in the shortest possible time. Cropin is doubling down efforts in solving some of the most complex challenges and opportunities in this industry with the launch of this initiative.

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In a first of its kind initiative in the global agriculture ecosystem, this move will help accelerate digital adoption in the sector and transform agriculture into a sustainable, efficient, and data-driven industry:

  • According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the global population will hit 10 billion by 2050, and the world needs to produce 56 per cent more food than produced in 2010.
  • Cropin’s global farmland computation initiative will have a deep impact on the US$3 trillion food production value chain by 2025.
  • Reduce food losses by 35 per cent thus safeguarding food security and sustainability.
  • Enable US$0.5 trillion agri lending globally and significantly improve the livelihoods of over 2 billion farmers.

Highlighting the launch of Cropin AI Labs, Krishna Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Cropin said, “At Cropin, we are constantly focused on building technology that can enable and transform the agriculture sector. Right from our founding in 2010, when no category called agritech existed, to today, we see the industry evolving from the digitisation of farming to intelligent and data-driven agriculture. Over the past few years, our earth observation and AI science research teams have built global intelligence models for agriculture that are already unmatched in terms of accuracy and scalability in the real world. Cropin’s AI Labs will help us accelerate this effort to compute and bring the benefits of predictive intelligence to every acre of the world’s farmlands.”

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The company’s AI/ML-powered predictive risk monitoring and mitigation solutions have registered a revenue growth of more than 110X between 2019 and 2022 and now account for 65 per cent of Cropin’s revenue. Cropin’s data and insight platforms provide businesses with actionable insights on crop identification and yield estimation; crop health monitoring, biotic and abiotic stress risk mapping, predicting harvest, irrigation and water usage management; and greenhouse gas emission monitoring and climate-smart agriculture advisories.

Praveen Pankajakshan, VP, Data Science & AI, Cropin said, “The history of agriculture is replete with examples of continuous innovation and transformation. Technology adoption in the agriculture sector has been abysmally low in comparison with other industry segments. The primary reason being that these solutions were built elsewhere and retrofitted for agriculture use cases. Cropin’s AI Labs is on a mission to solve the most complex and challenging research problems in agriculture by custom-building these solutions as an intelligence stack for all the world’s farmlands and help accelerate this transformation.”

“These are foundational blocks that play a critical role in future-proofing agriculture and influence the future of food security. We are excited and determined to fuel the next wave of agriculture transformation for our planet. Cropin is revolutionising the ‘AICulture for Agriculture’ and what is good for the planet is great for us!” Pankajakshan added.

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