Scaling up sustainable agriculture under OpenAg network Scaling up sustainable agriculture under OpenAg network – a digital platform for growers, farming communities and food systems, is scaling and expanding its global reach as a part of the OpenAg™ network. The OpenAg™ network was conceived by UPL, a world leader in agriculture.

The platform fosters resilient farmers, making agriculture simple, profitable and sustainable for generations to come through technology-led solutions covering every step of the farming life cycle., which was incubated by UPL, will operate as an open platform in the supply of products, innovation and mechanisation.

Speaking on the services, Dhruv Sawhney, COO and Business Head, said, “The impact of on farming communities represents significant progress in advancing our mission to reimagine sustainability for agriculture across the world and help farmers secure a brighter future. Our digital platform is helping farming communities that are facing a number of competing external risks and challenges including variable weather patterns, financial insecurity, and lack of access to information and mechanisation.”

“We are democratising technology, creating a shared infrastructure and uniting farmers and buyers under a global community committed to driving sustainability. We look forward to taking our revolutionary platform to new markets, as we endeavour to change the game for farmers and make food systems more sustainable,” Sawhney added.

Highlighting’s agricultural solutions, Jai Shroff, Global CEO, UPL said, “ is one of the most exciting initiatives within the OpenAg™ network, unlocking opportunities for farmers and food systems worldwide, delivering shared prosperity for our growers and their communities, and supporting environmental sustainability. The success of’s operations in India, as well as its pilot projects further afield, demonstrate the value creation the platform provides. I look forward to supporting’s further expansion and impact.”

“We are pleased to welcome to the OpenAg™ network, and excited for the role they will play in our mission to unlock opportunities for farmers, food security and sustainable agriculture worldwide,” said Carlos Pellicer, COO, UPL. “By increasing accessibility to the solutions, technologies, and services that growers need to thrive, is creating a truly customer-centric ecosystem that delivers on the promise of shared prosperity and feeds sustainable growth for all,” Pellicer added.

Through a holistic approach, has developed a comprehensive ecosystem of integrated solutions to increase accessibility, connectivity and resilience, and secure sustainable outcomes.

Key solutions provides:

Farm – supports farmers at every step of the farming life cycle by driving precision agriculture at scale through crop health solutions, advisory services, farm level mechanisation and digitisation.
Retail – enables retailers and farmers to purchase authentic and high-quality agricultural input products such as crop protection, seeds, farm equipment, feeds, and more.
Trade – connects farmers and buyers through end-to-end traceability of sustainable practices, transparency of information, and convenient access to markets.
Sustain – drives sustainable agriculture globally through regenerative practices and reward farmers for adopting them.

Launched in early 2020, has since grown both in scale and impact, now supporting over one million farmers and 50,000 retailers on its digital platform, with over 2.5 million acres of farmland serviced. The platform has been well received by users across India, and several promising pilot projects are underway in other key markets including the US, South Africa, Brazil and Australia.

As a part of its mission to create sustainable food systems, is encouraging regenerative agriculture practices through its selection of products, services, and projects. It is driving numerous new programmes, including stubble burning avoidance programmes, biological products, carbon credits and reward programmes to advance this mission.

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