Top executives from Cognizant and SAP join FarmERP

Top executives from Cognizant and SAP join FarmERP

FarmERP’s main focus lies in rigorous technology-intensive transformation of agriculture and agribusinesses through latest advancements including Internet of Agricultural Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Machine Learning. To enable revolutionary ease within the management system, FarmERP welcomed Abhijeet Dange and Vikram Metkari on board.

FarmERP recently announced the appointment of Abhijeet Dange as the Associate Vice President for Delivery at the organisation. With vast experience in banking and financial services, learning, and talent development for over 22 years while working for organisations like Cognizant and Silverline, he has extensive knowledge about handling large offshore customer engagements.

On his appointment, Dange said, “With the knowledge I possess, I aim to help in maintaining FarmERP’s competitive advantage by effectively aiding the growth of agribusinesses through cutting-edge technology platforms.”

Sanjay Borkar, the CEO of the Indian-grown 2001 brand believes that apart from being a strong leader with excellent people management skills, with his expertise in streamlining digital IT transformations, Abhijeet will play a crucial role in uncomplicating complex product management for FarmERP.

Top executives from Cognizant and SAP join FarmERP, Vikarm Metkari

The organisation also welcomed on board Vikram Metkari as the Head of Sales and Marketing for transforming the inner workings of agriculture through the use of tech platforms. Metkari, an MBA and BE professional with rich work experience in marketing, sales, and business strategy, is a self-motivated and confident leader. He is not only a keen planner and strategist, but also an articulate communicator offering high- calibre presentations, negotiations, and analytical skills.

Santosh Shinde, the COO of FarmERP believes that Metkari’s extensive experience of working for various companies- both smaller organizations and world leaders like SAP and Vodafone in the IT and Telecom domain will enable him to guide, innovate, build, and provide value to agribusiness’ customers by strengthening FarmERP’s existing leadership in the domain.

With the appointment of both these members to the team, FarmERP is striving to make a difference and create an impact in these testing times, and the immense experience and culmination of expertise that they bring to the table, the management is now stronger than ever.

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