Anmol Feeds signs Pankaj Tripathi as brand ambassador for Nouriture cattle feed brand

Anmol Feeds signs Pankaj Tripathi as brand ambassador for Nouriture cattle feed brand
Anmol Feeds wanted to create a high recall for its cattle feed brand, Nouriture Godhenu Gold, thus signed Pankaj Tripathi who has a unique appeal across the country with his own inimitable style

Nouriture, a livestock feeds subsidiary of Anmol Feeds today, announced its first brand ambassador maverick actor Pankaj Tripathi for its cattle feed brands Nouriture Godhenu Gold, Milk-o-Milk plus and Super 20 plus that aims to change perceptions through its positioning of ‘Sirf chusti nahi, pushti bhi’.

Highlighting the campaign, Amit Saraogi, Managing Director, Anmol Feeds, said, “We wanted to create a high recall for our cattle feed brand, Nouriture Godhenu Gold, and our superlative product deserved a brand ambassador like Mr. Pankaj Tripathi who has a unique appeal across the country with his own inimitable style. He is an energetic and versatile actor with a rich legacy of work. Pankaj’s common man personality resonates with our brand values, and we believe the association will go a long way in not only achieving the desired top-of-the-mind brand recall but also in bringing about a paradigm shift in farmer behaviour towards the right feed. Our campaign aims to educate and inform the farmers about why they need the right cattle feed for better yield. We hope the words, ‘Sirf chusti nahi, pushti bhi’ is embedded in the minds of every farmer and stays for a long time.”

The Indian animal feed market reached a value of INR 942.4 billion in 2020. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5 per cent during 2021-2026. Cattle feed involves 20 per cent of the overall market share and is an ever-growing and ever-evolving category in the Indian rural market. Yet, there is a huge need gap when it comes to awareness amongst the farmers about the right compound feed for optimum benefits from the cattle.

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Speaking on the need of the campaign, Pankaj Tripathi, Actor and Brand Ambassador of Nouriture Godhenu Gold, said, “Being a farmer’s son I could relate to the brand language of Nouriture. I come from a place where education about the right livestock feed is much needed for rejuvenating the dairy business. Nouriture has over the years shown a distinctive pedigree of innovation be it in product launches or brand building initiatives, the new commercial has been conceptualised to target the farmers and I am thankful to the management for thinking I can do justice to the brand.”

Speaking on the association with the actor, Sukanta Samal, Chief Marketing Officer, Anmol Feeds, said, “We have always been at the forefront, leading the change in market offerings. We thank Mr. Pankaj Tripathi for being a part of this exciting journey of Nouriture. With this campaign, we seek to not just make the farmers aware of the need for a proper cattle feed, but also generate top of mind recall for Nouriture Godhenu Gold.”

The positioning of brand Nouriture and its marketing initiatives are skewed towards strengthening the changing dynamics of the livestock feed industry. The film driven campaign features a simpleton farmer who arrives at the village milk market to sell his share of milk. But he is greeted by Pankaj Tripathi who throws a very odd question at him which leaves him thinking. He compares the farmer’s cow to a goat after seeing his milk canister’s size. He then proceeds to educate him about how a cow needs a good cattle feed like Godhenu Gold for her proper health and better milk production.

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Shreyansh Baid, Founder Director, Debdarsan Dutta (Chief Creative Officer) & Vaishakh Jhunjhunwala (Creative Director), Shreyansh Innovations associated with the conceptualising of the advertisement said, “Cattle feed advertising has largely been restricted to very loud and run of the mill kind of work. It lacks the necessary punch and argument that helps farmers make a conscious decision. the film’s plot, the dialogues, and the choice of the brand ambassador have been crafted in a manner that ticks all of the above boxes and brings in a newness to this category.”

In their two-decade-old journey, Anmol Feeds have strived to change the narrative of the feed industry by bringing in modern cutting-edge technologies, innovative practices and policies for improved feeding, livestock health care, management and trade.

Anmol Feeds ventured into the livestock feed industry over two decades back and recently launched its products under the umbrella brand Nouriture to meet the growing challenge of quality livestock feeds in the market. Nouriture embodies the motto of a more forward-looking, technology-driven, future-ready and contemporary brand that can meet the needs of the livestock farmers across India.

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