Best Agrolife gets CIBRC nod to manufacture Propaquizafop Technical herbicide

Best Agrolife gets CIBRC nod to manufacture Propaquizafop Technical herbicide

Best Agrolife Limited, a leading player in the Indian agrochemical industry, has been granted registration for the indigenous manufacturing of Propaquizafop u/s 9(3) by the Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee (CIB&RC) in the 443rd meeting. With this, Best Agrolife (BAL) will manufacture Propaquizafop Technical herbicide in India.

“Propaquizafop is a herbicide used for the post-emergence control of a wide range of annual and perennial grasses in various broadleaf crops such as soybean, cotton, pulses, sunflower, other field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, vineyards, sugarbeet, oilseed rape, and forestry. As a selective and systemic herbicide, it controls weeds in all the stages of their development. Environment-friendly and safe to beneficial insects and mammals, Propaquizafop is quickly absorbed by the leaves and translocated from the foliage to the growing points of the leaves and roots of the sprayed weeds,” Best Agrolife claims.

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Highlighting the development, Vimal Alawadhi, MD, Best Agrolife, said, “BAL has kept the ball of innovation and progress rolling this year and it is all because of our unwavering focus on research and development. Other than introducing five new products namely Axeman, Ronfen (patented ternary insecticide), Reveal Tombo and Warden BAL also became the first Indian agrochemical company to manufacture CTPR (market size of more than Rs. 2800 crores) technical indigenously by launching Citigen and Vistara. We also received the patent for the first-of-its-kind fungicidal composition of Cyazofamid, Dimethomorph, and Difenoconazole (market size Rs. 350 crores) and registration for the indigenous manufacturing of Pyroxasulfone technical (market size Rs. 450 crores).”

“Propaquizafop herbicide is of utmost importance for the Indian agricultural community as it effectively controls weeds in a number of broad-leaf crops. With Rs. 350 crores of the market size in India, Propaquizafop Technical is a crucial addition to the above list of registrations with a huge market size that BAL received this year. We will focus on utilising this opportunity to the maximum. Besides, removing our import dependency for Propaquizafop Technical, we will also focus on developing new Propaquizafop combination products through research and development and getting them patented. Since Propaquizafop is also popular in the global herbicide market, we will surely look forward to its export aspect in the future,” he added.

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