FMC India launches ‘Austral’ herbicide for sugarcane crops

FMC India launches ‘Austral’ herbicide for sugarcane crop

FMC India, an agricultural sciences company, has launched ‘Austral’ herbicide, a new pre-emergent herbicide for sugarcane crops. Austral herbicide provides a new level of broad-spectrum weed control in the critical growth stage of sugarcane, ensuring strong establishment of the crop for a better yield.

India is the second-largest producer of sugarcane in the world. However, each year, sugarcane farmers incur heavy crop losses due to weeds, and various grasses and broadleaf weeds have remained a major challenge to control. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research -Sugarcane Breeding Institute (ICAR – SBI) estimates the reduction in cane productivity is anywhere from 10 per cent to as much as 70 per cent, depending on the nature and intensity of the different weed species infesting the fields.

Austral herbicide’s unique dual mode of action offers a weed-free condition during the critical crop-weed competition period in sugarcane. The innovative proprietary product solution forms a layer of protection on top of the soil, inhibiting weeds to germinate during the critical crop growth phase, resulting in higher numbers of healthy tillers and thereby higher yields in sugarcane.

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Highlighting the newly launched herbicide, Ravi Annavarapu, President, FMC India said, “At FMC, we are driven by a strong R&D pipeline, committed to bring the latest global technologies and introduce novel and sustainable solutions to address Indian farmers’ challenges. The introduction of Austral herbicide for sugarcane farmers is a testimony to our commitment of enabling better yield through technology-driven, scientific solutions. We are confident that Austral herbicide will help sugarcane farmers improve their income through effective weed protection for a superior harvest.”

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The Austral herbicide will be available in 500g and 1kg packs at leading retail stores across the country for the coming season.

FMC focuses on discovering new herbicide, insecticide and fungicide active ingredients, product formulations and pioneering technologies that are consistently better for the planet.

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