AGCO launches Massey Ferguson 8S Tractor on customers’ demand

AGCO launches Massey Ferguson 8S Tractor on customers’ demand

Duluth, GA, US – AGCO Corporation, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision agriculture technology, Thursday announced a new era of farmer-focused technology and straightforward dependability with the North American availability of the Massey Ferguson 8S tractor.

The uniquely designed 8S, available in 205 to 265 HP, will debut at the 2021 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, and is available for order through Massey Ferguson dealerships for delivery in early 2022.

The exciting new MF 8S Series begins a new era for the storied tractor brand. Massey Ferguson began the 8S project with a blank page and built a complete farming solution based on an in-depth “Voice of the Customer” study, which included one-on-one interviews with operators around the globe.

“Massey Ferguson designed this line of tractors to be straightforward and dependable using direct input from farmers,” Darren Parker, vice president of Massey Ferguson North America, said. “With a spacious cab, less noise and vibration, and better visibility, Massey Ferguson sets up growers for a comfortable yet productive season with less downtime,” Parker added.

The 8S features Massey Ferguson’s exclusive Protect-U™ design, creating a 9.4-inch gap between the engine and the cab. This unique feature protects the operator while giving tremendous front visibility and comfort.

“In addition to comfort, 8S provides operator-improved visibility and intuitive controls, so our customers can focus on the task at hand. The 8S also offers peace of mind that everyone helping on the farm can operate the tractor confidently and effectively, ”Parker said.

Designed for comfort

The exclusive MF Protect-U engine and cab installation design provide visibility, comfort, efficiency and protection for 8S operators. The distinctive 9.4-inch space between the engine and cab reduces noise and vibration, making it one of the quietest cabs on the market.

Because the engine is separated away from the cab, it increases airflow which contributes to better engine performance through improved cooling capabilities. It also contributes to heat insulation for the cab, keeping the operator comfortable while improving engine cooling capacity and efficiency, maximising uptime.

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The spacious cab – together with the narrow hood design, an inclined windshield bending toward the front and a higher vantage point – offers ultimate visibility and comfort.

The new cab layout uses simple colour coding on all controls to help operators get right to work. The new MF vDisplay™ puts all the key information operators need in an easy-to-read digital dashboard that can be personalised. The Datatronic™ 5 terminal, standard on the 8S, allows operators to quickly and easily change setups on the hydraulics, transmission and engine to make operation simpler and faster.

Made for performance

The 7.4-litre Tier 4 Final AGCO Power™ engine delivers performance and stability in the 8S Series tractors. Engine Power Management (EPM) provides a 5 per cent boost to productivity and 10 per cent fuel savings all at lower engine RPM, which also reduces noise. The 8S leverages the industry’s most mature SCR technology, paired with a simple, all-in-one after-treatment system that provides for low-maintenance sustainability.

The 8S is available in two transmission options. The Dyna E-Power™, the new Dual-Clutch transmission designed by Massey Ferguson for the 8S range, provides smooth shifting and speed changes with no torque interruption and superior power transfer to the ground. The Dyna-VT™, Massey Ferguson’s proven CVT transmission, allows operators to select the exact speed and engine RPM needed for the job at hand.

Built for versatility and traction

The 8S Series is built with Massey Ferguson’s commitment to help protect the soil and preserve the land with future generations in mind.

With a minimum weight of 8.7 tonnes, the 8S is lighter than others in its class. The lightweight tractors can tread lightly for top work and transport, while the strong design enables them to carry heavy loads or be ballasted up for draft operations.

The wide range of ballast and tire choices, including a large rear wheel diameter of 80.7 inches, ensures the 8S tractors can be precisely tailored to tasks, guaranteeing maximum traction and soil preservation while using a minimum amount of fuel.

With a 10-foot wheelbase length, the 8S offers improved stability with or without a heavy implement and maintains high levels of traction in the field and increased comfort in transport. The combination of the wheelbase and chassis design means less ballasting weight is needed, ensuring maximum soil preservation and reduced ground pressure during cultivation, drilling and seeding.

(All information is based on the claims made by AGCO Corporation.)

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