Mahindra launches new heavy-duty Rotavator – Mahindra Mahavator

Mahindra launches new heavy-duty Rotavator – Mahindra Mahavator

Mahindra & Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector, has introduced a new heavy-duty rotavator, the Mahindra Mahavator in six states – Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Tamil Nadu today.

According to Mahindra & Mahindra, while the new Mahindra Mahavator can be used in all kinds of soil conditions, it is specially designed for hard soils and to deal with hard crop residues like that of sugarcane and cotton. It can efficiently crush soil clods and finely pulverize soil for healthy plant growth. Designed and developed with best-in-class technology from Mahindra’s R&D centres in India and Europe, Mahindra’s rotavators are tested across the country in different field conditions, to ensure suitability and reliability.

To ease cash flow issues for farmers who wish to buy both a tractor and rotavator at the same time, Mahindra has joined hands with Mahindra Finance to bring convenient and attractive loan schemes to offer loans up to Rs. 85,000 on a rotavator depending on the variant.

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Mahindra has also launched high durability rotavator blades branded Mahindra Boroblades. These are both fitted on factory manufactured rotavators and are supplied as spares through our network of dealers and spares retailers.

Speaking on the launch of the Mahindra Mahavator, Kairas Vakharia, Senior Vice President, Farm Machinery, Mahindra & Mahindra said, “Mahindra introduced the Mahindra Gyrovator 10 years ago, today we are a leader in the category with one in three light soil rotavators being a Mahindra Gyrovator. With the introduction of the Mahindra Mahavator, Mahindra aims to extend our leadership in light soil rotavators to that of the heavy-duty segment.”

Besides Mahavator and Gyrovator, Mahindra has a full range of rotavators for wetland, dryland, vineyards and orchards. These rotavators are compatible with a range of tractors from 15 Hp to 70 Hp.

The new Mahavator will be retailed through a network of over 500 Mahindra tractor dealers across six states, who for decades have delivered on reliable after-sales service and won the trust and respect of farmers.

Mahindra’s Rotavators are manufactured in 3 factories in different parts of India which conform to Mahindra’s stringent quality standards. This focus on quality continues with suppliers and even with logistics to ensure that farmers receive a defect-free product.

For the farmers’ peace of mind, an added assurance from Mahindra is its best-in-class manufacturing warranty of one to two years, depending on the rotavator.

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