Coromandel launches magnesium-fortified ‘Paramfos Plus’ fertiliser to boost crop yield

Coromandel launches magnesium-fortified ‘Paramfos Plus’ fertiliser to boost crop yield

Bengaluru: Coromandel International, one of the leading providers of agricultural solutions in India, introduced a new magnesium-fortified complex-grade fertiliser, ‘Paramfos Plus’, in Bengaluru, on Friday. The product was unveiled by Sankarasubramanian S, Executive Director of Nutrient Business at Coromandel International, alongside senior leadership and key channel partners from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

“Coromandel Paramfos Plus contains 16 per cent nitrogen, 20 per cent phosphorus, 13 per cent sulphur, and an additional 0.6 per cent magnesium. The added magnesium enhances photosynthesis, and chlorophyll production, and promotes vegetative growth, leading to improved quality and yield. Further, it is versatile, suitable for both basal and top dressing, and can be used on a variety of crops, including paddy, cotton, maize, sugarcane, pulses, ragi, groundnut, oilseeds, vegetables, cereals, legumes, tuber crops, fruit-bearing plants, and various horticultural crops, providing comprehensive nutrient support,” the agri-input company claimed.

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“The granules of Paramfos are free-flowing, making them suitable for both seed drill application and broadcasting. ‘Paramfos Plus’ builds on the strengths of the original product by incorporating magnesium, aiming to deliver balanced fertilisation for diverse crops,” the fertiliser company said.

Highlighting the benefits of ‘Paramfos Plus’ at the launch event, Sankarasubramanian S, said, “Paramfos Plus, an enhanced version of Paramfos, is fortified with magnesium to improve vegetative growth and provide early greening, resulting in increased yield and superior quality. Coromandel’s innovation in fertilisers reflects our commitment to enhancing nutrient efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and improving the economic viability of farming in India. This innovation aligns with the Government’s initiatives to promote the use of fortified fertilisers in India.”

Coromandel International’s product portfolio spans fertilisers, crop protection, bio-products, speciality nutrients, and organic businesses. The company’s crop protection products are marketed both in India and internationally, offering a wide range of technical and formulation products. Their speciality nutrients business focuses on water-soluble fertilisers and secondary and micronutrients.

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