Netafim India launches FlexNet™ to boost next generation farming

Netafim India launches FlexNet™ to boost next generation farming

Netafim India, a leading smart irrigation solution provider, has launched FlexNet™ – a revolutionary mainline and sub-mainline piping for above and below-ground drip irrigation systems for Indian farmers to make ‘Farming Simplified’. This multifaceted piping solution could be adapted for any type of Rabi, Kharif, vegetables, cucurbits, or other crop verities that use drip irrigation in the row beds.

Netafim’s FlexNet™ differs from the traditional PVC as well as layflat tubing systems majorly in terms of portability and convenience. One of the most salient aspects of the product is that due to its lightweight and sturdiness, installation and usability becomes much expedient for farmers. Due to low product weight, customised outlet spacing, and specially designed dripline connectors, farmers could easily layout and retrieve these portable pipes. These features reduce the installation time and manpower-cost up to 30 percent for farmers when compared to a typical PVC and layflat installation. Product longevity is achieved through patented material and weaving technology that provides both strength and flexibility of folding for easy transportation. The integral welded connectors ensure a secure, leak-proof connection between distribution pipes and laterals to increase the irrigation efficiency, thereby permitting uniform water distribution for better crop yield.

The next generation piping system offers farmers a smart and sustainable irrigation mechanism. The premium polypropylene material avoids snaking and ensure the product to hold position even in the most stringent climatic and environmental conditions. It reduces weeding and muddy spots thanks to perfect sealing between the patented outlets and the pipe, that guarantees to provide top performance over many years. It offers a full line of branching and lateral connectors compatible with all Netafim systems. The white colouring offers thermal resistance and can withstand high chemical and UV exposure.

The FlexNet™ solution is available in the diameter ranging from 2 inch to 5 inch and comes with Pipe Valve, Dripline Connector, Pipe Connector and Puncture Kit. The output of the submain line comes in differences of 2.5 (two and a half), 4, 5 and 6 feet respectively. The feature to close the end cap of the submain line and open for cleaning is also achievable. It offers a full line of branching and lateral connectors compatible with all Netafim systems. For some reason even if this pipe is punctured, it can be repaired very effortlessly with the help of puncture kit and without any special assistance. The compact piping solution could be easily removed and placed anywhere in the house after irrigation.

Highlighting the product, Randhir Chauhan, Managing Director – Netafim India said, “Even with India’s agriculture sector being predominated by small landholdings, we cannot let the opportunity to assimilate latest technological innovations escape any Indian farmer. The introduction of FlexNet™ is centred on this very objective to make ‘Farming Simplified’. Rooted in technological excellence, the piping solution aims to lend farmers greater support and autonomy over their fields.”

Netafim India, through the launch of FlexNet™ aims to cover one lakh hectare of land under irrigation and reach 50,000 farmers across India in the coming year.

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