IPGA, Pulse Australia and Austrade to co-host webinar on chickpeas and lentils

IPGA, Pulse Australia and Austrade to co-host webinar on chickpeas and lentils
The webinar is organised as a part of the Australian government’s Australia India Business Exchange (AIBX) programme

India Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA), an association for India’s pulses trade and industry will be hosting a ‘Chickpeas and Lentils Webinar’ under the aegis of ‘The IPGA Knowledge Series’ at 3.30 pm IST on Thursday, May 13, 2021. IPGA is co-hosting this webinar with Pulse Australia and Austrade.

This webinar aims to present an update on the Australian and Indian crop status covering two specific pulses, chickpeas and lentils, discussing aspects like production in the last season, supply-demand scenario, expected trade volumes and price as well as the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on production as well as trade.

The webinar is expected to consist of a four-speaker panel discussion; Anurag Tulshan, Managing Director, Esarco Exim along with Nirav Desai, IPGA’s East Zone Convenor and Managing Partner, GGN Research from India and Nick Poutney, Director, Pulse Australia along with Peter Wilson, Managing Director – Wilson International Trade from Australia.

While Tulshan and Poutney would speak about Lentils, Desai and Wilson would speak about desi and Kabuli chickpeas. The opening remarks for the webinar is expected to be delivered by Saurabh Bhartia, Head Pulses, Viterra India and closing remarks is expected to be delivered by Stuart Rees, Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner, Austrade.

Highlighting about the webinar, Pravin Dongre, Founder Director, IPGA said, “The Government of India recently announced path-breaking reforms in the agriculture sector which we believe will lead to opening up the sector to large investments in the agri-infra space. The agri-infra space in India presents a plethora of opportunities for investment in areas like post-harvest management, warehousing, logistics, among others. We hope that Australian companies take advantage of these reforms and invest in the supply chain space in India. We do look forward to working with Pulse Australia and Austrade to facilitate investments in the Indian agri-infra space.”

Jitu Bheda, Chairman, IPGA said, “While the world is still grappling with the COVID pandemic, at this stage, understanding the pulses crop and overall outlook is very crucial for various stakeholders. We are looking to grow further and establish connects with all the leading global pulses associations for the benefit of the Indian pulses sector. At IPGA, we recognise the importance of this, not only from the domestic trade point of view but also the import-export point of view. I am confident this webinar will give all stakeholders an in-depth insight on both commodities and will help them take informed trade decisions.”

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Anurag Tulshan speaking about his role in the webinar said, “The IPGA Knowledge Series has been hugely successful with an average attendance of over 800 participants from across the world. I will be presenting an update on the Lentils production for the last season, the overall supply-demand scenario, price outlook as well as impact of COVID-19 in both supply and demand of Lentils.”

Nirav Desai speaking about his role in the webinar said, “This is probably the first time that apex trade bodies from Australia and India are joining hands to host a webinar on chickpeas and lentils. I will be presenting an overview on the desi and Kabuli chickpeas production for the last season, the overall supply-demand scenario, price outlook as well as impact of COVID-19 in both supply and demand of both pulses.”

Peter Wilson, Managing Director, Wilson International Trade said, “Apart from speaking about the expected seeding area intentions (and yield expectations) of chickpeas and I will also explain just why desi chickpeas are not just a “rotational” crop for Australian producers. Australian farmers know how to produce the best quality desi chickpeas in the world competitively and they are an integral part of their operation’s farming systems. Australian producers and exporters are ready to re-engage with India in terms of imports but also the broad destinations that are consuming Australian product in India’s absence.”

Nick Poutney, Director – Pulse Australia said, “I will be covering the lentil production last season relative to new season sowing intentions as well as grower considerations of price signals for lentils versus competing crops in their rotation. I will also be presenting figures on volumes traded and key destinations, highlight any recent trends and key impacts on production to consider and potential influence on price expectations.”

Stuart Rees, Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner, Austrade said, “Australia is well placed as a reliable exporter of high-quality pulses (chickpeas, moong beans, lentils, dried peas) to help meet demand and supply gaps in India. The more Australian farmers learn about and understand the seasonal prospects for Indian production and policies, the better positioned they are to make their own planting decisions. Similarly, the more India knows about the Australian crop, the better it is able to plan their import decisions. Austrade has partnered with IPGA and Pulse Australia to support this webinar and regular knowledge sharing, to strengthen forecasting capability and relationship that benefit the Indian market – and Australian producers.”

Georgie Aley, Chairperson, Pulse Australia said, “The Australian pulse industry has a long and proud tradition of working with their Indian counterparts in supplying high quality pulses and developing enduring and trusted relationships. During these very difficult times in India, the Australian pulse industry stands ready to step in and step up to supplement any short-term Indian pulse supply shortfalls that may result from COVID related supply disruptions. This webinar is a very tangible demonstration of the relationship between our two countries and is ideally timed to provide the Indian market with the latest update on Australian pulse seeding intentions, while also providing the Australian market with first-hand update on the Indian Rabi harvest and Kharif crop prospects.”

The IPGA Knowledge Series consists of webinars hosted with eminent domain experts from the government, market, and industry to discuss and explore topics of critical interest to the pulses sector in India and the world at large.

The webinar is organised as a part of the Australian government’s Australia India Business Exchange (AIBX) programme, aimed at growing two-way business literacy and commercial partnerships between Australia and India.

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