INI Farms launches e-commerce portal for fresh fruits

INI Farms launches e-commerce portal for fresh fruits

INI Farms, one of India’s leading farm to home ag-tech fruit brand announced its entry into e-commerce through the launch of its website, ‘’. The company will now deliver its range of fresh fruit products directly from the farm to the consumers’ doorsteps across pin codes in Mumbai. Kimaye is also offering free shipping and same-day delivery services for its products.

According to INI Farms, the company offers a product range that includes fresh fruits such as pomegranates, bananas, blueberries, kiwis, grapes, apples, pears, as well as ready-to-eat fresh cuts range and fruit combos. All Kimaye products go through multiple quality checks that adhere to global standards, integrated into a contamination-free supply chain that ensures minimum handling and maximum hygiene. Each Kimaye fruit also carries a dynamic QR code sticker that consumers can scan with their smartphones, allowing them to track the product from farm to home, enabling 100 percent transparency for the products.

Speaking on the launch of Kimaye’s online platform, Pankaj Khandelwal, Chairman and Managing Director, INI Farms said, “We are delighted to foray into e-commerce with Kimaye’s dedicated online platform. Given the situation we are in today, people are increasingly becoming conscious of their health and the safety of the food they consume. At INI Farms, our aim is to provide fruits that meet international safety standards to the customers in India, now from the comfort of their homes. We believe in being transparent about our best practices at every stage of growing, sourcing, packaging, and delivery, to ensure that we continue to build our customers’ trust in Kimaye fruits.”

INI Farms has plans to grow its footprint in India through expansion of its e-commerce operations in more cities and pin codes in the coming months, as well as increase its product portfolio.

Recently, INI Farms rolled out a QR code based origin traceability feature for all its fruits in the international and domestic market under the technology programme called “FruitRoute”.

INI Farms executes large scale farm-level operations, managing and controlling the process right from growing to supplying the fruit across its distribution network. Stringent quality checks at Kimaye’s automated pack house ensure only the best quality fruits reach the end-consumers, the company claims.

INI Farms is an Indian origin integrated branded fruit company working with over 5,000 farmers and exports in over 35 countries. INI Farms has become a leader in pomegranate and banana exports from India. Kimaye bananas and pomegranates are also available with Indian retailers in all major metros.

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