FarmERP announces expansion into Saudi Arabian market to provide tech solutions to agribusinesses

FarmERP announces expansion into Saudi Arabian market to provide tech solutions to agribusiness

Mumbai – FarmERP, a globally acclaimed agritech company serving agribusinesses in over 30 countries, including successful deployments across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia, has announced its strategic initiative to expand its footprint into the Saudi Arabian market. The company is committed to establishing its registered regional office, signalling a significant leap in its ambitious growth strategy.

“FarmERP is already at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to some of the largest agricultural and food supply chain companies in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman. The company is also in talks with a variety of government entities and private stakeholders, exploring future collaborations. FarmERP remains steadfast in reinforcing its research and development initiatives to tailor specialised technical solutions that address the Region’s distinctive needs,” the agritech company said.

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“Acknowledging the vast potential within the Saudi Arabian market, FarmERP, through its advanced data science and technology, supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, aims to elevate food security, sustainability, combating the adverse impacts of climate change alongside optimising resources, closely overseeing crop and soil health, and deploying digitalisation tools in this region. Additionally, it aims to reimagine resource allocation, closely monitor crop and soil conditions, and implement efficient irrigation techniques, catalysing the escalated investments in regional agriculture. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and intelligent climate advisory solutions, the platform is set to drive an unprecedented shift in Saudi Arabia’s agricultural sector, paving the way for a transformative landscape,” FarmERP claims.

The company aims to expand its clientele by 200 per cent year-on-year. In line with its expansion strategy, FarmERP seeks to establish a registered office in Saudi Arabia to serve its existing clients in the region and support them with employment generation. Through these expansion initiatives, the company targets a 3x surge in revenue.

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Sanjay Borkar, Co-Founder and CEO, FarmERP said, “Having established a strong foothold in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region, we possess comprehensive knowledge of the region’s agribusiness dynamics and extensive experience collaborating with local businesses and diverse nationalities. FarmERP stands as a dedicated technological platform, steadfast in its commitment to tackling regional agricultural challenges, including critical areas like food safety, traceability, sustainability and climate resilience. With our advanced AI and ML-based solutions under FarmGyan, our focus is on providing predictive farming solutions. Our aim, as we delve deeper into the Saudi Arabian market, is to solidify our position as a prominent player within the agritech industry across the Middle East region.”

“The company’s forthcoming plans include enhancing AI-based advisory across the farm-to-fork supply chain, simultaneously focusing on greenhouse gas (GHG) management. By optimising the core pillars of agricultural businesses—Predictability, Profitability, and Productivity—FarmERP is poised to revolutionise the agricultural landscape, ushering in a new era of efficiency and sustainability in Saudi Arabia’s agricultural sector,” the agritech company claims.

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