Walmart Foundation to make technology accessible to small farmers

Walmart Foundation to make technology accessible to small farmers

Walmart Foundation today announced US$4.8 million (about Rs 34 crore) in grants to Digital Green and TechnoServe to enable programmes that help smallholder farmers have access to agriculture technology, training on sustainable farmer methods, enhanced access to formal markets, and skill and capacity building for farmer producer organisations (FPOs). 
These grant is part of the Walmart Foundation’s commitment made in September 2018 to contribute US$25 million (about Rs 180 crore) over the next five years to improve farmer livelihoods in India. Separate from this commitment, Walmart India also announced it would grow its direct sourcing from farmers to 25 percent of produce sold in its Cash & Carry stores by 2023. 
“Today’s grant announcement builds upon the Walmart Foundation’s efforts to increase economic opportunity for smallholder farmers and their families while promoting sustainable farming practices and the empowerment and inclusion of women,” said Kathleen McLaughlin, Walmart Foundation President and EVP, Chief Sustainability Officer of Walmart.

McLaughlin was speaking at a summit ‘Strengthening Agri Systems: Road to supporting smallholder farmers and boosting incomes’, organised by FICCI Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence in association with in New Delhi Tuesday.  
“The work being accomplished by our grantees and their partners is inspiring. We hope the Walmart Foundation’s commitment, alongside the work of Walmart and Walmart India’s direct farm sourcing teams, will help drive real momentum in sustainable agriculture development in India and we encourage others to join us in our commitment.”  
The event also included participation by senior leadership from Walmart India and Flipkart Group. 

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