Best Agrolife launches 5 new agrochemical products

Best Agrolife launches 5 new agrochemical products

Best Agrolife, a leading Indian agrochemical company, launched five of its products, namely Ronfen, AxeMan, Warden, Tombo and Reveal, at a mega launch event in Dubai recently.

Around 160 dealers and distributors participated in the launch event. The launch event was attended by the Managing Director, Executive Director, and the entire marketing team of Best Agrolife. During the event, the specification of each product was shared with the distributors and dealers for an in-depth knowledge of the agrochemical products.

A first-of-its-kind proprietary ternary insecticidal combination of Best Agrolife, Ronfen is a single-shot solution that controls all sucking pests in various crops like cotton, chilly, vegetables, and many other segments. Ronfen covers the composition of Pyriproxyfen 8%, Diafenthiuron 18%, and Dinotefuran 5% in a unique suspension concentrate formulation.

It will generate big revenue for the company in FY23 along with a handsome contribution in the bottom line too.

On the other hand, AxeMan (Dinotefuran 15% + Pymetrozine 45% WG), with its dual mode of action, helps protect the rice crop from the devastating pest BPH which develops high resistance against all agrochemicals. AxeMan provides healthy and vibrant tillers at the reproductive stage and helps in the long-duration control and resistance management of BPH in paddy.

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Warden is a ternary combination of two fungicides and one insecticide (Azoxystrobin 45% + Thiophanate Methyl 11.25% + Thiamethoxam 25% FS). It acts as a systemic fungicide and insecticide that provides effective seed treatment and can prevent pest and disease infestation for up to long if appropriately treated. It ensures 100 per cent germination and provides seedlings with an early and healthy start. A new generation herbicide Tombo (Tembotrione 34.4% SC), is a broad-spectrum post-emergence herbicide that takes quick action on broadleaf and grassy weeds in corn. By ensuring a high level of crop tolerance, Tombo boosts the corn yield by 20%.

A new generation systemic insecticide and acaricide Reveal (Spiromesifen Technical) controls red spider, mite in brinjal, whitefly and mite in cotton, European red mite and spider mite in apple, chilli and okra and yellow mite in chilli. Reveal is an effective tool for Insect Resistance Management (IRM) as it is strong against insects but protects natural insect enemies.

On introducing five new products, Vimal Alawadhi, Managing Director, Best Agrolife said, “With an aim to constantly innovate for a better and safer tomorrow, we are thrilled to announce five new highly effective, affordable and eco-friendly products. Intending to create a greener future, Best Agrolife is helping the agriculture sector with sustainable and innovative methods. Our product development and R&D teams put their best efforts into delivering premium quality products. We are committed to serving the farmer community by enriching the cultivation of crop production with our tested and satisfied products.”

(All product features are claimed by the manufacturer. Agriculture Post doesn’t assume any responsibility or liability for the same.)

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