Coromandel International launches 10 plant protection products for various crops

Coromandel International lunches 10 plant protection products for various crops

Coromandel International, one of India’s leading agri-solution providers, today introduced 10 new products aimed at enhancing crop yield and controlling pest infestations, across the country. These include three patented products, an innovative neem-coated bio-plant and soil health promoter and five generic formulations providing high-impact comprehensive crop protection solutions for the Indian farmer, the company said.

“The company has partnered with ISK Japan to launch Prachand, a patented product, which utilises Japanese technology to safeguard paddy crops from destructive pests such as stem borers and leaf folders, mitigating potential yield losses of up to 70 per cent to the farmer,” Coromandel claimed.

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“Another highly destructive pest that devastates corn crops (up to 30 per cent damage every year) is the fall armyworm. The company has developed a formulation to effectively combat this menace for the corn crops. Two patented fungicides have been launched to improve crop health and yields: 1) For long-lasting control of a widely occurring disease (fungal attack called sheath blight) in rice; and, 2) An innovative fungicide solution that offers both contact (Surface) and systemic action (absorbed by crop for long-lasting control) for comprehensive disease control in potato, grapes, and tomato crops,” the company said.

“Coromandel International has also launched five new generics, which include three herbicides. With these introductions, the company’s solution portfolio provides comprehensive crop protection solutions for various agricultural needs of the Indian farmers who are facing significant challenges controlling pest attacks,” the company informed.

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“In the past few years, the business has been strengthening its product portfolio by introducing new formulations and its share of sales from new products in FY23-24 stood at 15 per cent. The new product introductions during the year would further enrich the product offerings from the company,” Coromandel further said.

Emphasising the significance of these launches, Dr. Raghuram Devarakonda, Executive Director, CPC, Bio Products & Retail, said, “This marks the first time that Coromandel International has introduced 10 new products in a single year, with one product, Prachand developed through Japanese collaboration and four from in-house research. Our commitment to serving the farmers is evident in our research and development efforts to deliver research-based innovative solutions.”

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