Agrishow 2024: BMS project generates US$49 Mn in business; strengthens image of Brazilian agri machinery industry

Agrishow 2024: BMS project generates US$49 Mn in business, strengthens image of Brazilian agri machinery industry

Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil: Two initiatives carried out during Agrishow 2024 by the sectorial project to promote export of Brazil Machinery Solutions (BMS), result of a partnership between ABIMAQ (The Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association) and ApexBrasil (The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), generated US$ 49 million in businesses, and strengthened Brazil’s position as important international player in the agricultural machinery and equipment industry.

The Buyer Project promoted business rounds involving 59 representatives of Brazilian companies and 16 foreign buyers from South Africa, Angola, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Tanzania, Turkey and Uruguay – all of them previously selected by a system for identification of potential international buyers. In total, 657 meetings were held that generated US$ 9.4 million in businesses, with an expectation of over US$ 39.6 million in the next 12 months.

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The initiative counted on the participation of 59 companies from the BMS programme: Agrimec; Agritech; Agrosystem; Albuz; Allbiom; Baldan; Bauer do Brasil; Brasélio Tratores; Bristol; Busa; Casp; Cemag; Cimisa Máquinas; Coimma; Combine Máquinas Agrícolas; Dosivac do Brasil; Dynamics do Brasil; Famac – Motobombas; Germek Equipamentos; Guarany; Himev Máquinas e Trituradores; Incomagri; Indústrias Colombo; Indutar; ING Guindastes; Inroda; Irrigabras; Irrigat; Jacto; Jenc Implementos e Peças Agrícolas; JF Máquinas; Jumil; Mademil Polias; Magnojet; Mecmaq; MEC-RUL; Metalquip; MFW Máquinas; Moldemaq; Nogueira; Pabovi; Pagé; Piccin; Prensso Máquinas; Procer Automação; Rothobras; RSC Máquinas (Maxxforte); São José Industrial; Semco Equipamentos; Stara; Tatu Marchesan; Tigre; TKA Cranes; TMSA; Tronco e Balanças Açores; Truckvan; Vence Tudo; Vencedora Maqtron and ZM Bombas.

Image project and international visits

Part of the BMS project, intended to strengthen the international image of the Brazilian agricultural machinery and equipment industry, the Image Project promoted the visit of journalists from the following vehicles: Clarín (Argentina), Agricultura de las Américas (Colombia) and Agriculture Post (India) who, during the five days of Agrishow 2024 could learn more about the agricultural machinery and equipment sector, as well as the BMS Project, in one of the largest agricultural fairs worldwide.

The three foreign journalists with ABIMAQ team at the Agrishow
The three foreign journalists with ABIMAQ team at the Agrishow
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The initiative counted on the participation of 42 companies from the sectorial project: Agrimec; Agritech; Agrosystem; Baldan; Bauer do Brasil; Bozza; Bristol; Grupo TMSA; Busa; Cemag; Cimisa; Coimma; Combine Máquinas Agrícolas; SaveFarm; Mademil; Greenpeças; GTS; ZM Bombas; Germek; Himev; Mecmaq; Industrial Pagé; Indústrias Colombo; Indutar; ING Guindastes; Inroda; Irrigabrás; JENC Implementos; Magnojet; Jacto; Maxxforte; MFW Máquinas; Moldemaq; Nogueira Máquinas Agrícolas; Piccin; Prensso Máquinas; Procer; MEC-RUL; Stara; TKA Cranes; Troncos e Balanças Açores.

Other international visits marked the five days of the fair, like the visit of official delegations from African countries, particularly Nigeria and Senegal, which sent their Minister of Agriculture, Mabouba Diagne. Other countries of the continent, like Mali and Côte d’Ivoire, also sent representatives. Europe was also present at the event, with booths from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, and France presenting agricultural innovations and practices. Representing Asia, China also sent representatives to Agrishow 2024, strengthening it as a forum for collaboration and advancement of agriculture on an international scale.

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Patrícia Gomes, ABIMAQ’s Executive Director of Foreign Market, analyses the strategic relevance of the actions developed by the BMS programme in Agrishow 2024. “The BMS actions always result in significant achievements for participants. Recent results point to a total of US$ 9.42 million in deals, added to promising expectations of US$ 39.64 million in the coming 12 months.”

“The Image Project’s success is undeniable, particularly with the participation of three foreign journalists who played a crucial role in promoting the latest innovations and launches of Brazilian companies of agricultural technology. This highlight is fundamental, considering Brazil’s international recognition in this sector,” Gomes further said.

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“Another aspect to be highlighted is the Agrishow Buyer Project, a tradition awaited by all exhibitors every year. This initiative, now in its 22nd edition – the largest ever held by BMS -, provides a suitable environment for exhibitors to meet each other and connect to distributors and large buyers from all over the world, thus consolidating commercial ties and driving both the national and international markets,” she added.

Visitors at the Agrishow
Visitors at the Agrishow
Agrishow: main agricultural sector event

Held in Ribeirão Preto, a city 314km distant from São Paulo, Agrishow is the largest open-air fair in the Southern Hemisphere and also the largest agricultural exhibition in Latin America. The event is an initiative from the main agribusiness entities in the country: Abag (The Brazilian Agribusiness Association); ABIMAQ (The Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association); Anda (The Brazilian National Fertilizer Association); Faesp (The Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of the State of São Paulo); and SRB (The Brazilian Rural Society).

In 2024, the fair’s 29th edition of Agrishow gathered 800 exhibiting brands and around 195,000 qualified visitors from the most different agribusiness sectors, from precision agriculture to transport and logistics, in 530,000 square meters of area, confirming its position as the main agricultural fair in Brazil. According to the organisers, the businesses conducted and purchase intentions amounted to Brazilian Real (R$) 13.6 billion, 2.4 per cent higher than in 2023.

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