Rizobacter launches RizoPower bioactivator to stimulate the maximum genetic potential of crops

Rizobacter launches RizoPower bioactivator, to stimulate maximum genetic potential of crops
As the main molecule of this new product, UBP can form various compounds. As a result, the plant uses less energy, is more efficient and is able to achieve more sustainable growth

Brazil: Rizobacter BioSoluções, a multinational leader in bio-innovation, has launched RizoPower, a new BioActivator made from soy, corn, cotton, sugarcane, rice and wheat for foliar application that contains in its formula a great novelty for the area of bioactivators, the UBP molecule, exclusive of the company, the company announced today.

Diego, Product Manager, Rizobacter BioSoluções, reinforces that the proposal is to stimulate and promote the maximum genetic potential of crops and reach the production ceiling even in unfavourable climatic and soil conditions. “UBP is an exclusive Rizobacter molecule that has been tested on several crops and has shown excellent results in plant development. It is worth highlighting, however, that it is necessary to carry out correct management, with the application of fertilisers and pesticides”, he points out.

“As the main molecule of this new product, UBP can form various compounds, such as enzymes, amino acids, hormones and polyphenols, contributing to its metabolic process. As a result, the plant uses less energy, is more efficient and can achieve more sustainable growth,” Diego added.

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In addition, micro and macronutrients are also present, which are complexed within the UBP carbon chain, such as K, B, Co, Mo, S, Zn, Cu, Ni and others, forming a Supramolecule.

He explains that “The UBP Supramolecule, present in RizoPower, has pre-formed structures, which optimise the formation of the compounds mentioned (enzymes, amino acids, hormones and polyphenols) above, saving metabolic energy. This is what is important to thrive and avoid so-called phytostress, optimising your development.”

Also according to Diego, “another advantage of RizoPower is that the product mitigates the effects of the application of phytosanitary products, working as an ally, as it is capable of containing the harmful effects of pesticides, which further benefits plant growth. Herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and other products cause stress. When we apply our bioactivator together with the pesticide, we see that this effect does not occur, facilitating the operation of the producer, who does not need to apply a new product after the phytosanitary product, as normally occurs”, he highlights.

Key benefits of Rizobacter RizoPower optimisation for plants
  • Mitigation of phytoses and stresses: Caused by herbicides and fungicides, applied together
  • Increased efficiency of fungicides: Helps improve the performance of fungicides, in Rust and DFC complex.
  • Increased resistance to stress: contributes to greater plant resistance to various types of biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Improves absorption of products applied together: RizoPower favours penetration through the cuticle, apoplasts and cell wall, optimising their absorption and transport within the plant
  • Growth stimulation: stimulates the vegetative growth of plants, resulting in better overall development
  • Increased productivity: the set of benefits translates into an increase in crop productivity
  • Sustainable Product: Natural origin, which meets the growing demand for ecologically safe products

Rizobacter RizoPower is now available on the market and, according to Diego, “producers will be able to start noticing the benefits in around 30 days after the first applications.”

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Rizobacter has been present in Brazil since 1998 with a strong presence in the agricultural microbiology and application technology market. The company is part of the Bioceres Crop Solutions group – a global provider of agricultural solutions, listed on NASDAQ. Using cutting-edge technology and operating in more than 45 countries, Rizobacter has lines of adjuvants, biodefensives, fertilisers and bioactivators. The company, a leader in agricultural biosolutions, serves producers throughout Brazil, promoting an increasingly efficient and sustainable production system, and leading biological research and development programmes to create products that respond to the current and future needs of agricultural production.

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