Coromandel International launches 5 new crop protection products

Coromandel International launches 5 new crop protection products
Coromandel International is a leading agri solutions provider, offering diverse products and services across the farming value chain. It operates in two major segments; nutrient and crop protection products

Coromandel International, India’s leading agri solutions provider, has recently introduced five new crop protection products – three insecticides, one herbicide and one fungicide into its portfolio, launched at an event in Delhi-NCR; The launch meeting was attended by nearly 200 dealers along with 50 employees of the company.

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Introducing the product, ‘Officer’, a new generation selective herbicide, is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide that controls almost all categories of weeds in paddy. ‘Ortain Super’ is a combination insecticide for paddy, has a dual mode of action for resistance management and provides effective control over both lepidopteran and sucking pests. ‘Phendal Plus’ insecticide for paddy prevents resistance development with its dual mode of action and has a knockdown effect causing faster kill of target pests. ‘Canister’ is a broad-spectrum insecticide for chilli having effective control on mites, whiteflies, and thrips, has control in all stages of mite’s lifecycle and has a long residual action that results in long-duration control. ‘Prop-Plus’ is a combination of two highly systemic triazole fungicides resulting in two different modes of action that help in resistance management for paddy, offers effective disease control, has less foam formation and good rain fastness.

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Speaking at the launch of the products, Sameer Goel, Managing Director, Coromandel International said, “CIL is working to strengthen its product portfolio across segments of crop protection in major crops. It gives me immense pleasure that these combination products have been developed in-house for complex pest problems. Coromandel will continue to develop innovative products in nutrition and crop protection segments to serve the farming community.”

Coromandel International is the provider of fertilisers, crop protection products, biopesticides, speciality nutrients, organic fertilisers and retail.

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