Shriram Farm Solutions introduces 5 crop protection and plant nutrition products

Shriram Farm Solutions introduces 5 crop protection and plant nutrition products

New Delhi: Shriram Farm Solutions, a division of DCM Shriram, has unveiled its latest crop protection and speciality plant nutrition products. The recently launch event, held in Ajmer, Rajasthan, gathered prominent channel partners from the region to introduce these agricultural solutions.

“In response to the challenges of weed management and rising costs due to manual operations, Shriram Farm Solutions presented ‘Shriram Bikuta’, an early post-emergent selective herbicide. This product targets both broad-leaved and narrow-leaved weeds in cotton crops using two highly effective active ingredients and an ME formulation, providing an economical option for growers,” the crop protection company said.

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Expanding its insecticide portfolio, the company announced Shriram Saisho, Shriram Chrone, and Shriram Trexter, developed in collaboration with leading global innovators. These insecticides utilise patented technologies to deliver superior protection against major sucking and chewing pests in row and horticultural crops. Engineered to minimise resistance development, these products support healthier crops and higher yields,” Shriram Farm Solutions claimed.

“In the speciality plant nutrition (SPN) segment, the company introduced Shriram Protobuz+, a revolutionary product featuring the patented ‘Nano Liquid Technology’ from the United States. Shriram Protobuz+ ensures rapid action and effectiveness, promising increased profits for the growers. Its outstanding performance has earned it the tagline ‘Rocket jaisa kaam, Raftar ka dusra naam,” the company said.

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Highlighting the launch, Sanjay Chabbra, Executive Director & Business Head of the company, said, “As Shriram Farm Solutions continues to push the boundaries of agricultural innovation, these new product launches reflect our commitment to providing growers with cutting-edge solutions that meet their evolving needs and promote sustainable agricultural practices.”

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