Case IH launches Axial-Flow® 4000 combines in Africa & Middle East

Case IH launches Axial-Flow® 4000 combines in Africa & Middle East
Designed to make high-technology harvesting available at an affordable price, new Case IH Axial-Flow® 4000 Series combines are ideally suited to African and Middle Eastern farms

Case IH has launched three new Axial-Flow® 4000 Series combines, the 4077, 4088 and 4099. Meeting the specific requirements of customers in Africa and the Middle East, they make affordable, high technology harvesting available to professional farmers, contractors and machinery syndicates.

Designed in the USA, the three Axial-Flow® 4000 Series models incorporate a high level of American-made components for maximum reliability.

Compact dimensions, premium comfort and advanced features are combined with high harvesting capacity, thorough crop threshing, low grain losses, gentle grain handling and unsurpassed sample quality. These benefits are characteristic of Case IH Axial-Flow® single-rotor technology, which has become the benchmark for harvesting quality and performance since the first Axial-Flow® combines were launched in 1977.

“The 4077, 4088 and 4099 are the most productive combines in their class,” Marcin Ruppert, Case IH Marketing Manager for Africa & Middle East, said.

“Their simple design allows them to be adapted quickly to suit changing harvesting requirements, field conditions and crops, making them the perfect choice for contractors,” Ruppert added.

“Owners can move from corn, to wheat, to sorghum, to rice in hours, compared with almost two days for conventional or hybrid combines, so more time is spent harvesting and seasonal output is increased. Axial-Flow® 4000 Series combines are also very easy to use, so even operators who are new to the Axial-Flow® concept quickly learn how to harness their full potential.

All three models are powered by Efficient Power FPT Industrial 6.7-litre, six-cylinder, in-line engines which meet Tier III emission standards, are turbocharged and air-to-air after-cooled to provide proven, dependable performance in all conditions. Rated power outputs for the 4077, 4088 and 4099 models are 180HP, 210HP and 230HP at an engine speed of 2,100 RPM, with maximum power outputs of 200HP, 240HP and 260HP produced at 2,000 RPM. All engines provide excellent torque characteristics, deliver optimum fuel consumption and transmit their power through a three-speed hydrostatic transmission, with a 500-litre fuel tank featuring on all 4000 Series models.

Axial-Flow® 4000 Series combines outclass everything else on the market in terms of harvesting output and can be equipped with the latest generation Case IH headers, which are available in widths up to 6.1m or 8 rows for corn. A new lateral tilt feeder channel further extends the versatility of these combines by enabling them to handle the heaviest headers while ensuring perfect ground contour following, which is especially useful when harvesting soybeans or laid crops.

For optimum cutting performance, high capacity 2060 Series grain headers can be fitted. Available in widths of 4.57m, 5.18m and 6.10m, they feature a robust mechanical reel drive and represent state-of-the-art, proven grain header technology. Axial-Flow 4000 Series combines can also be equipped with a 6.10m 3020 flex header or 3.66m 3016 pick-up header for windrowed crops. Case IH 4400 Series corn headers offer excellent picking ability in both standing and down corn to maximise the amount of grain harvested under all conditions.

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