Escorts launches hybrid tractor, rural transport vehicle & backhoe loader

Escorts launches hybrid tractor, rural transport vehicle & backhoe loader

Escorts, India’s leading engineering conglomerate, today launched India’s first hybrid tractor powered by diesel and battery at Esclusive, its annual innovation platform, held in Gurgaon. Pioneering the concept, the company launched this in the range of 70-75 HP which can be boosted up to 90 HP with the help of its hybridisation feature. This unique ability in the tractor brings to the market a product that reduces the emission and increases the efficiency for the customer. Also, by displaying exclusive smart range of ‘tractor driven mini sugarcane harvester’ and ‘self-propelled spraying technology, Escorts re-affirms its thought leadership in farm mechanisation and precision agriculture space.

Escorts’ hybrid tractor is an eco-friendly and a cost-effective product. It has four operating modes. In hybrid mode, the machine uses two sources of energy, diesel and electric, to propel the vehicle. In pure electric mode, the tractor can run only on batteries with zero emissions. In ICE direct mode, the tractor is driven and operated as a conventional tractor with an Internal Combustion Engine. It has three charging modes – Regeneration, when excess power is available while working; ICE (thru Internal Combustion Engine) and plug-in mode, in which the vehicle in stand still position connected to a standard wall socket with a charging device.

Adding to its engineering innovation prowess, Escorts also offered a major highlight by showcasing India’s first multi-utility Rural Transport Vehicle (RTV), name ‘Rider’ to address the required mobility in rural farming and hard terrain maneuvering. The RTV will also enable applications in haulage, construction, agriculture produce logistics, and various other utility segments offering a payload capacity of 750 kg and an optional four-wheel drive mode.

The company also showcased hybrid backhoe loader, India’s first, for smarter and greener construction equipment. Launching in the range of 50HP engine along with hybrid technology which can provide up to 75HP power. The backhoe loader offers exceptional overall performance with higher productivity, fuel efficiency and convenience at reduced carbon footprints. The machine has regenerative mode which send back the energy to the battery during the excess power available in engine. It has three working modes – Hybrid, ICE – Diesel and Electric – Excavator only.

Speaking on the occasion, Nikhil Nanda, Chairman and Managing Director, Escorts said, “After the successful launch of electric and autonomous concept tractors in the last two Esclusive platforms, it is indeed a proud moment for Escorts to have pioneered in developing India’s first hybrid tractor, hybrid backhoe and a RTV this year. Through focusing on innovation and R&D, Escorts has always strived to make world-class technology driven products available to the farming and infrastructure space. These smart technology solutions are developed to cut down on emissions and increasing fuel efficiency boost productivity and agriculture output.

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