BMS promotes businesses and international image of Brazilian machinery industry at AGRISHOW 2024

BMS promotes businesses and international image of Brazilian machinery industry at AGRISHOW 2024
Companies supported by BMS program drive their negotiations and potentiate their presence in the global market during main agricultural fair in Brazil, visited by international buyers and journalists

Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil: Two simultaneous actions to promote the international image and businesses will move AGRISHOW 2024, the largest open-air fair in the Southern Hemisphere and also the largest agricultural exhibition in Latin America, to be held from April 29 to May 03, in Ribeirão Preto– São Paulo (SP). It is an initiative from Brazil Machinery Solutions (BMS), a sectoral project to promote exports and a result of a partnership between ABIMAQ (The Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association) and ApexBrasil (The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).

One of the outstanding actions is the Image Project, where the BMS programme invited three specialised journalists from Argentina, Colombia and India, to visit AGRISHOW 2024 and learn more about the agricultural machinery and equipment sector during one of the largest agricultural fairs worldwide. In this action, 42 companies participated. They are: Agrimec; Agritech; Agrosystem; Baldan; Bauer do Brasil; Bozza; Bristol; Busa; Cemag; Cimisa; Coimma; Combine Máquinas Agrícolas; Greenpeças; Germek; Grupo TMSA; GTS; Himev; Indústrias Colombo; Industrial Pagé; Indutar; ING Guindastes; Inroda; Irrigabrás; Jacto; JENC Implementos; Mademil; Magnojet; Maxxforte; Marchesan; Mecmaq; MEC-RUL; MFW Máquinas; Moldemaq; Nogueira Máquinas Agrícolas; Piccin; Prensso Máquinas; Procer; SaveFarm; Stara; TKA Cranes; Troncos e Balanças Açores; ZM Bombas.

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Another relevant action is the Buyer Project. In this initiative, 14 representatives from South Africa, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Tanzania, Turkey, and Uruguay, all of them previously selected by specialised matchmaking that crosses information and identifies buyers interested in Brazilian products in several countries, will have the opportunity to strengthen commercial relations with national manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment that integrate the BMS project.

In the rounds, 58 companies will participate. They are: Agrimec; Agritech; Agrosystem; Allbiom; Balanças Açores; Baldan; Bauer do Brasil; Brasélio; Bristol; Busa; Cemag; Cimisa; Coimma; Combine; Dosivac; Dynamic Air; Dynamics do Brasil; Famac; Germek Equipamentos; Guarany; Himev Máquinas e Trituradores; Incomagri; Indústrias Colombo; Indutar; ING Guindastes; Inroda; Irrigabras; Irrigat; Jacto; Jenc Implementos e Peças Agrícolas; JF Máquinas; Jumil; Magnojet; Maqtron; Marchesan; Maxxforte; Mecmaq; Metalquip; MFW; Moldemaq; Multimetal (MGL); Nogueira; Pabovi; Pagé; Piccin; Prensso Máquinas; Procer Automação; Rothobras; São José Industrial; Semco; Solcera do Brasil; Stara; Tigre; TKA Guindaste; TMSA; Truckvan; Vence Tudo and ZM Bombas.

AGRISHOW 2024: The main event of the agriculture sector

To be held in Ribeirão Preto, 314km from São Paulo, AGRISHOW is an initiative from the main agribusiness entities in the country: Abag (The Brazilian Agribusiness Association); ABIMAQ (The Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association); Anda (The Brazilian National Fertilizer Association); Faesp (The Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of the State of São Paulo); and SRB (The Brazilian Rural Society).

In 2023, the fair gathered over 800 exhibiting brands and over 195,000 qualified visitors from the most different agribusiness sectors, from Precision Agriculture to Transport and Logistics, in 530,000 square meters of area, pumping over R$ 500 million in the local economy, confirming its position as the main agricultural fair in Brazil. According to the organisers, the businesses conducted and purchase intentions amounted to R$13.2 billion, 18 per cent higher than in 2022.

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Patrícia Gomes, ABIMAQ’s Executive Director of Foreign Market, highlights the strategic relevance of the participation of companies integrating the BMS programme in Agrishow 2024. “The BMS actions always bring great results to Agrishow participants. The Image Project execution, consolidated by the presence of three foreign journalists, plays a vital role in showing the last innovations and launches of Brazilian companies that produce technology to the agribusiness chain, where Brazil is acknowledged as outstanding.”

“The Agrishow Buyer Project, the greatest initiative by BMS, is a tradition established in the fair, anxiously long-awaited by all exhibitors every year. During this action, exhibitors have the opportunity to meet with distributors and large buyers from around the world, particularly Latin America and Africa, strengthening their trade links and driving the national and international markets,” Patrícia added.

Some of the companies and highlights to be exhibited


The company, specialised in agricultural mechanisation, and precision agriculture, will show its products, which include: Planting Monitor; Fixed and Variable Rate Controller; Line by Line Shutdown System for Planter; Controller for Fertilizer Distributor; and Dynamic Weather Station for Sprayer.


Founded 96 years ago in Matão (SP), Baldan will take to Agrishow 2024 some of its more than 200 items in its catalogue, like the remote control disk harrow Ruubi, with up to 40 cm of operating depth; the self-propelled sprayer Avola 3500, with 3500 l of range; and planter Donna, with plantability control system.

Bauer Brasil

The company specialised in irrigation will have a sensory space in its booth where the audience can see the work of its central pivot telemetry for irrigation of plantations, in addition to the wastewater separator and the mobile irrigation reel.


The company, headquartered in Ceará state, will present the fruit, vegetable and crawler harvesting machine MCF16. This machine can harvest up to 12 tons in less than an hour. For being easy to operate, it can reduce labor in up to 50 per cent and increase productivity by 50 per cent.


Cimisa, specialised in the development of equipment for the bulk sector, will take for demonstration at Agrishow 2024 the following machines: UBS, CD-1000, CD-3000 Mamute, Tecnotrat M-150, CS-4, MD-120, MD-75, MT-200 e MT1000, which perform pre-washing, classification, standardisation, and treatment of grains and seeds.


The company, operating for over 70 years in the livestock sector, will present products from its line of cattle chutes and weigh stations. The highlight goes to the hydraulic chute MEGATRON 5.0, which offers more efficient, safe and comfortable cattle management.

Combine Máquinas Agrícolas

The company, headquartered in Ribeirão Preto (SP), will present its flagship: the corn harvester Foguetinho which collects, shucks, and separates corn grains from impurities. The versions are available in one or two rows with a bulk body option, with a Big Bag or bagger.


Germek, specialised in the manufacture of customised motor pumps for the agricultural and industrial sectors, will take to Agrishow 2024 one of its firefighting motor pumps, with a biogas-powered motor and automatic priming system (exchange of air or gases contained in the suction pipe for the liquid to be pumped).


Manufacturer of equipment and replacement parts for national and foreign equipment for mechanical extraction of soy meal and oil, and feed mills, the company headquartered in Campinas (SP) will make demonstrations of projects involving soybean extrusion lines and feed mills in its booth.


With 40 years of experience in the agriculture and forestry sectors, Himev will make a demonstration of the forest crusher Himev Ecotritus HP 210. Designed for dense vegetations, the Ecotritus supports vegetations of up to 250mm in diameter, with a cutting width of 1.80m, and is compatible with 105 to 250hp tractors.

Indústrias Colombo

Indústrias Colombo, present in 60 countries, will take to Agrishow some highlights of its line of agricultural machines and components, among which the grain collecting machine MIAC–Avanti, in addition to the agricultural universal joints AEMCO, among others. There will also be demonstrations of products and visitors will get to know the harvesting machines.


Headquartered in Rio Grande do Sul, Indutar will present its line of products at the fair, with a highlight on the corn platform Magna, which, with its light structure and efficient cutting system and collection of corn straw, can reduce up to 40 per cent the volume of straw in the harvesting machine and up to 15 per cent fuel saving.

ING Guindastes

ING Guindastes will promote its portfolio of cranes for cargo lifting and handling operations that serve the rental and service rendering segments for agriculture, industry, civil construction, and mining sectors, in addition to road, river, and railway transport.


Jacto, a brand present in over 100 countries, will demonstrate at Agrishow 2024 its self-propelled sprayer Uniport 3030, created for different types of terrain, equipped with a 4×4 hydrostatic transmission system with intelligent control of traction and 243hp diesel motor that enables operational yield of up to 1,000 hectares a day.

JENC Implementos

Focused on offering products and services in agricultural irrigation and spraying, JENC will exhibit some of its products. The company is headquartered in Bahia. The highlight will be its spray boom in high-strength aluminium, corrosion resistant, adapted to different brands and models of sprayers.


Mademil has 38 years of experience in the market, exports to over 20 countries, and will promote its line of iron pulleys and high-performance couplings for power transmission, developed for different applications, both in the agricultural and industrial sectors.


One of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machines and implements in Latin America, Marchesan takes to Agrishow the grain planter USAP 3200 SS UNIBOX, with 20” disc blades, depth control, and pneumatic seed distributor. It is activated via ISOBUS, with V-DRIVE hydraulic or electric motors.


Maxxforte is an agricultural implement company headquartered in the city of Pranchita, southwest of Paraná, focused on agricultural spraying solutions that will present, during the fair, its line of coupled and towed sprayers with autonomy in spray tanks ranging from 400 to 3,000 litres.


MecMaq, the company focused on solutions to the whole agribusiness, will exhibit its sugarcane harvester Mec Colhe. The machine can be coupled to 4×4 tractors with a minimum of 125hp power and counts on a cutter with crusher, tilt and elevation rollers, and blade with height and angle adjustment. Its cutting performance is up to 16 tonnes per hour.

MFW Máquinas

MFW Máquinas, the company with over 60 years of operation in the agricultural machine and implement market, will present some flagships of its catalogue, like the line of harvesters Harpia; forage mowers FH 65100 and PRT 1200; the line of TRM wagons; silos, crushers, feed mills, among other products.


Moldemaq, headquartered in Jaraguá do Sul (SC), will present in its booth at Agrishow its line of transporter tractors, implements for quadricycles and micro-tractors, developed for different agricultural crops, in addition to maintenance in residential condominiums, industrial parks, and hard-to-reach terrains.

Nogueira Máquinas Agrícolas

Operating for over 60 years in the agriculture market, with a presence in America, Africa and the Middle East, Nogueira will promote its flagships, like the forage harvester FTN 1000 Power; the line of feed mixers VMN; the haying machine Express 5040; the line of choppers and grinders DPM; in addition to fertilisers and bagging machines.

Prensso Máquinas

The largest manufacturer of hydraulic presses and peripheral equipment for machining in Brazil, Prensso will demonstrate some of its products like the hydraulic presses PHV65 and PHC150; the manual cutting machines MC 300 and MM40; the steel peeling machine MD3003; and also the cleaning gun PL10.


Created in 2011, Procer is focused on developing agricultural automation technologies and will present samples of digital sensor cables used in grain storage management systems developed and provided by the company.


Specialised in the development of solutions to agribusiness, SaveFarm will promote its artificial intelligence system for spraying, where sensors with cameras installed read the soil surface, and identify the target plants, ensuring the application of crop protection products only where necessary.


Stara is the largest industry of agricultural machines and implements in Latin America, and exports to 36 countries. In Agrishow 2024, the company will demonstrate its sprayer Imperador 4000, the only one in the world with central booms that ensure 58 per cent more chemical solution in the target.

TKA Cranes

TKA is a leader in crane sales in Brazil and is present in the whole Latin America and the United States. Its booth will promote an experience of a virtual visit to the modern factory of the company, located in Flores da Cunha (RS), and will promote its line of articulated cranes and aerial baskets developed for agriculture, industrial and military areas.

Troncos e Balanças Açores

Reference in the livestock sector, Troncos e Balanças Açores will exhibit in its booth some of its products, like the Electronic Weighing Scales and the Automated Metal Corral. The main highlight will be the Tronco Revolution Automatic, a compartment for the contention of cattle, to be available for demonstration.

About Brazil Machinery Solutions

The result of a partnership between the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) and the Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association (ABIMAQ), the Brazil Machinery Solutions Program aims to promote Brazilian exports of machinery and equipment, as well as strengthen the image of Brazil as a manufacturer of mechanical capital goods with technology and competitiveness. The BMS Program is composed of companies that manufacture machines and equipment from different sectors, such as agriculture, textiles, mining, plastics, and packaging, among others.


The Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association (ABIMAQ) was founded in 1937, with the goal of acting in favour of strengthening the Brazilian industry, mobilising the sector, carrying out actions alongside political and economic bodies, stimulating international trade and cooperation, and contributing to improving its performance in terms of technology, human resources training, and management modernisation.

About ApexBrasil

The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and attract foreign investments to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy.

In order to achieve its goals, ApexBrasil carries out several trade promotion initiatives aimed at promoting Brazilian products and services abroad, such as prospective and trade missions, business rounds, support to the participation of Brazilian companies in major international fairs, visits of foreign buyers and opinion makers to learn about the Brazilian productive structure, among other business platforms that also aim at strengthening the Brazil brand.

The Agency also acts in a coordinated way with public and private players to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) to Brazil with a focus on strategic sectors for the development of the competitiveness of Brazilian companies and the country.

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