Solis Yanmar launches YM3 series tractors in India, powered by Japanese engine technology

Solis Yanmar launches YM3 series tractors in India, powered by Japanese engine technology

India’s one of leading tractor manufacturing companies, International Tractors Limited has widened its footprint under the Solis Yanmar brand portfolio with the launch of its new YM3 tractor series. Also known as Global 4W Drive experts, Solis Yanmar has introduced two new tractors – YM 342A and YM 348A that are fully tuned to deliver higher productivity and unmatchable performance. Built with the 110-year old diesel engine expertise of Yanmar, the new YM3 series is fully tailored as per Indian farmer requirements and robustly designed for Indian conditions. The YM3 tractor range fully sealed tractors with premium features like a world-class engine, fully synchromesh gear, push-button operated PTO and carries optimum weight to address both farming as well as special application needs of farmers.

Before being launched in India, the YM3 tractor range has already been globally successful while being exported to Thailand, South East Asian countries, Europe, Brazil as well as US markets. The Yanmar YM3 series features aerodynamic hornet design with an ergonomically designed 4-way adjustable seat and power steering for farmer comfort. At the heart of the tractor lies the Japanese engine technology that has been refined to offer the best performance. The tractor powerhouse is a 4-cylinder engine with monoplunger FIP and feather touch 8F + 8R shuttle shift transmission, coupled with balancer shafts to eliminate noise and vibration for superior performance.

Underlining the new launch, Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director, International Tractors Limited, said, “Introducing premium technologies that steer farmers towards a prosperous future remains sacrosanct for us at Solis Yanmar. After the tremendous response to our Solis range of tractors since its launch in 2019, we are now launching the Yanmar tractor range with the YM3 tractor 4WD series which is a clear reflection of advanced Japanese engineering. The tractors are optimally designed with the world’s best Supernova engine by Yanmar, the 110 -year old Japanese diesel engine giants.”

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“The YM3 series tractors are fully designed with top-end features to offer extraordinary performance and safety without compromising farmers’ comfort. Our engineers have made sure that the YM series tractors deliver zero noise and zero vibration so as to allow long, fatigue-free working hours under diverse operations. Solis Yanmar will continue to offer new tractor range to address every application-specific needs of farmers,” Mittal added.

Speaking on the launch, Akihiko Hiraoka, Chief Marketing Officer, Yanmar Holdings said, “Since the beginning of Yanmar Holdings, we have always focused on offering solutions for the betterment of the world. Being a proud partner of Solis (ITL), we together will surely revolutionise the agriculture sector across the globe. Today, we are proud to introduce the YM3 series tractors specially designed for Indian soil. YM3 series tractors which are developed with the expertise from both Solis (ITL) as well as Yanmar team will be manufactured at the world’s No.1 tractor manufacturing plant of ITL in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. YM3 series tractor is a commitment from Yanmar and Solis to serve the Indian farming community while meeting their varied farming requirement.”

Solis, in collaboration with Yanmar, has developed a wide tractor range that is optimised for significant productivity increase but reduce water consumption during agriculture.

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