Agzon Agro to expand across India and globally by 2022

Agzon Agro to expand across India and globally by 2022

Agzon Agro, the 2015 founded organisation deals in specialty fertiliser, probiotic micronutrient solution, biostimulants, adjuvant and other plant growth regulators. Having current operations in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, planing to expand to entire India and globally by 2022, Agzon Agro has said.

The company focuses on nutrition management and works on educating the farmers on how proper nutrition at each stage is the most important to derive the best quality and get best marketability of produce.

Agzon introduced Jetta Plus,India’s first unique FCO registered Liquid NPK grade: 00-40-55 which helps in increasing fruit size, weight, luster and quality. It also helps in increasing the brix content of the fruits. When Jetta Plus is paired with Ichor Uno which is combination of amino acid and organic potash the results are seen 3X, the company has claimed.

Farmers in Maharashtra , Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan have used the combo in various crops like grapes, onion, pomegranate, potato, vegetables and have got wonderful results and have gained best marketability of their produce.

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