How technology brings big difference in Escorts’ customer service?

How technology brings big difference in Escorts’ customer service?

Escorts Limited, a leading tractor company in India, has launched a new innovative and disruptive feature called ‘24X7 Care Button’ on its entire range of Powertrac and Farmtrac tractors. Now all Escorts customers can just press a special button on their tractor any time of the day for any technical or other help, and receive a call back from a trained company engineer within two minutes. The company claims that this way they can always remain in direct touch with their customers and provide immediate assistance if and when the need arises.

Speaking on the launch, Shenu Agarwal, CEO, Escorts Agri Machinery, said, “Escorts intends to create new benchmarks in customer service with launch of the 24X7 Care Button. Our tractors operate in far flung areas of this vast country. The livelihood of our customers depends on their tractors. In peak season, they cannot afford to lose even a single day of tractor’s work. If anything goes wrong, it is our duty to provide immediate assistance. We are investing in a large fleet of mobile service vans and bikes at our dealerships so quick doorstep service is provided to the customer in case of any need.”

The Care 24X7 device is also a technological marvel. Factory-fitted now on all Powertrac and Farmtrac tractors, the device contains a speaker phone, a microphone and a specially designed SIM card, which helps Escorts maintain a direct, two-way contact with the tractor and the customer. This feature is supported in the back-end by a multi-lingual, round-the-clock call centre. Once the button is pressed, the customer receives a call back in a matter of a few seconds, and company’s engineers provide online assistance. If for some reason the customer is not contactable on his mobile phone, a call can be made directly to the tractor through device’s own SIM, speaker and microphone. If needed, the company’s engineers can dispatch trained staff from a nearby Escorts dealership to customer doorstep at the appointed time. The loop is closed once customers confirm that their problem is resolved to their complete satisfaction.

Further informing about the development, Agarwal said, “Escorts is yet not the #1 tractor company in India. It is necessary that we continue to innovate and do different things. Customer service standards in the Indian tractor industry are nowhere close to that seen in the car or bike industry. We thought this was a great opportunity to bring some disruption and therefore came up with this idea. We are very happy to launch the 24X7 Care Button feature in all our tractors now. With this, we do hope that we will change the way customer service is delivered in rural India, especially to the tractor owners.”

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