Kirloskar Brothers showcases next-gen energy-efficient irrigation pumps at Pune Kisan Mela

Kirloskar Brothers showcases next-gen energy-efficient irrigation pumps at Pune Kisan Mela
According to KBL, made with advanced technology, these pumps consume less energy for high performance. Hence, farmers can save money through lower electricity bills for irrigation purposes

Pune-based Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL), the flagship company of the US$2.5 billion Kirloskar Group, showcased a series of new generation energy-efficient irrigation pumps for the benefit of farmers. The pump range was showcased at Kisan Mela 2022, India’s largest agricultural fair in Pune.

“KBL’s recently unveiled new generation pumps are unique in many ways. Made with advanced technology, these pumps consume less energy for high performance. Hence, farmers can save money through lower electricity bills by using Kirloskar’s new generation pumps for irrigation purposes. We have been helping farmers’ prosper by producing energy-efficient pumps since the very beginning and will continue to do so in the future as well,” said Rama Kirloskar, Joint Managing Director, Kirloskar Brothers. ”With Kirloskar pumps, the efficiency remains constant for a long period of time and therefore there is no loss in efficiency as observed in the case of generic pumps in the market. Kirloskar pumps help save energy and reduce farmers’ electricity bills by up to 20 per cent compared to other pumps available in the market.”

Choosing a right pump for irrigation contributes to the overall farmers’ prosperity. Farmers, therefore, can rely upon the new generation Kirloskar pumps that are energy-efficient, have lower electricity and maintenance costs and less chances of motor burning resulting in Lowest Lifecycle Cost (LLC). Kirloskar pumps have gained customers ‘trust for over a century and are a preferred choice among users.

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“Our submersible range of pumps are capable of drawing water from deep borewells which means farmers can use these pumps even in case the water table declines below a certain level. In addition to our wide range of water-filled submersibles, we also have the most extensive range of oil-filled submersibles in the Indian market. Oil-filled submersibles are not as well-known as water-filled submersibles since most manufacturers do not make this product and therefore do not market it. Oil-filled submersibles have a huge advantage over water-filled in markets that are plagued by voltage fluctuation. Our submersibles have one of the widest voltage bands ranging from 150 to 240 volts. This ensures that our oil-filled submersibles are resistant to motor burning due to these fluctuations. In addition, we also provide F class insulation in our oil-filled submersible pumps which again minimises the chances of motor burning. High class bearings used in the oil-filled submersible pumps reduce wear and tear and helps continuous working and sustained efficiency over the period of time and resulting in longer life of the pumps. Unlike water-filled submersibles, oil-filled submersible pumps are suitable for not only vertical but also horizontal installation. When placed horizontally in a water tank it is capable of emptying the tank to a point where it is almost empty thereby preventing collection of sediment and stagnant and foul-smelling water. Our efficient and energy saving design of oil-filled submersible pumps result in continuous working and lower electricity bills. Water-filled submersibles require frequent rewinding which oil-filled submersibles do not, Kirloskar Brothers has claimed.

A unique feature in KBL’s water and oil-filled submersible pumps is the advanced sand-fighter design which is not available in generic pump brands. When the pump fetches water from sandy borewells, the chances of sand being pumped along with the water is very high which reduces the efficiency of pumps and increases the wear and tear of pump components. KBL’s advanced sand-fighting arrangement technology prevents sand from entering the pump and hence avoids wear and tear of the pump, prevents pump jamming and results in higher efficiency and longer life of our pumps, the company has claimed.

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KBL’s mini-series of irrigation pumps carry a host of other features that include lightweight and compact design. These pumps are made with high efficiency and energy saving design along with thermal overload protector. The motor of this pump is designed to withstand a wide range of voltage fluctuations from 180-260 volts and reduces chances of motor burning. These pumps are used for applications such as farming and household water supply, KBL has said.

Kirloskar Brothers’ pumps provide hassle-free and reliable operation during their life. They are also highly efficient and have low maintenance costs which result in more cost-saving for the end consumer.

Manufactured with enhanced features, these pumps bring up to 24 months of warranty which ensures cost-free repairing and servicing in case of any default during this period. In general, Kirloskar pumps deliver services in all conditions for several years without any maintenance cost, provided they are operated and handled efficiently.

(All features are claimed by Kirloskar Brothers. Agriculture Post doesn’t assume any responsibility or liability for the same.)

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