Netafim India launches Flexi Sprinkler Kit for open field crops

Netafim India launches Flexi Sprinkler Kit for open field crops

Netafim India, a leading smart irrigation solution provider, has unveiled Flexi Sprinkler Kit – a ground-breaking field crops sprinkler irrigation system. The company aims to cover 15,000 hectares of land and reach 15,000 farmers across India by 2022 with the launch of the Flexi Sprinkler Kit. The kit is available across India through Netafim’s dealer network. The product is suitable for vegetables and open field crops including wheat, bajra, jowar, soybean, groundnut and many more.

The Flexi Sprinkler Kit having FlexNet™ pipe and D-Net™ sprinkler unit can be customised as per the farmers’ need depending on their landholding. The ground-breaking innovation is suitable for small as well as large farmers who are looking for uniform water distribution and long-lasting performance.

The Flexi Sprinkler Kit, one of the first of its kind in India, has a robust D-Net™ 3D diffusion arm that ensures the highest level of water distribution uniformity for higher crop yields. Manufactured from components resistant to UV light and withstanding all climate conditions, it ensures trouble-free operation over the product’s life and makes it durable. The kit also contains FlexNet™. The multifaceted piping system with portability and convenience offers a smart and sustainable water carrier mechanism. One of the most salient aspects of the product is that due to its lightweight and sturdiness, installation and usability become much more expedient for farmers. It can be easily laid and retrieved in the field.

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The system provides flexibility for varied spacing between sprinkler nozzles depending on the water pressure and crop requirement. Additionally, the compact solution could be easily removed and placed anywhere after usage including home as it requires less storage space. Thus, making it a long-lasting and labour-saving maintenance product for farmers. The precise and water-efficient distribution also offers an ideal solution for crop germination and orchard cooling.

Highlighting the newly launch solution, Randhir Chauhan, Managing Director – Netafim India, said, “Adherence to a traditional approach and conservative farming methods still loom large over the Indian agricultural space. Thus, it offers a window for us to actively identify and float volumetric targets with sustainability that enhance farmers’ ability to grow with modern-age technologies. At Netafim, we are committed to work towards cutting-edge solutions for growers and combat the far-reaching effects of global water scarcity.”

“After successfully introducing the Portable Drip Kit to Indian farmers, we are excited to launch Flexi Sprinkler Kit centred on the objective of making farming simplified for diversified crops. The system is designed smartly and efficiently with relatively low precipitation rates. This technology has brought exciting new tools for farmers that want to get uniform water distribution with ease of operations,” Chauhan added.

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