Ankur Seeds commercialises Indian bean hybrids

Ankur Seeds commercialises Indian bean hybrids

Ankur Seeds, a pioneer in developing innovative hybrids in major vegetable crops, are amalgamating advanced technologies with sound local traditions and have been envisioning newer, better and innovative solutions for the problems of the farmers. Their vision has been their catalyst in the process of developing ‘High Yielding Protein-rich Indian Bean Hybrids’. Farmers from various corners of the world are hungry for innovations in agriculture because they know that adopting sustainable solutions is their best hope for survival in a competitive world.

Ankur seeds have been striving methodically to build effective, need-based solutions, targeting the much-needed yield increases of up to 50 per cent, using lesser inputs, thus paving the potential ways for farmers to gain substantial economic returns.

Dr. Manoj S Phalak, an eminent vegetable breeder at Ankur Seeds, has successfully developed a stable Genetic Male Sterility system in Indian beans using mutation breeding techniques and has effectively combined it with a unique system of cross-pollination mechanism for hybrid seed production. Ankur Seeds has successfully commercialised this hybrid technology by developing two protein-rich hybrids viz. Ankur Dolly and Ankur-427 which are proving to be valuable contributions to the nutritional security of the vegetable world and have immense potential to revolutionise global vegetable cultivation.

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In the present changing world scenario, people are becoming more and more conscious about their diets. Beans as a vegetable are easily affordable for most of the population and provide consumers with a rich source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and micronutrients. The current trend is to move towards sustainable agriculture. Beans being a leguminous crop, has both the economic and environmental benefits of associating with nitrogen-fixing bacteria and thus can reduce the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilisers and contribute to better soil health. Both the Dolichos bean hybrids are photo-insensitive, drought-tolerant, have better resistance to diseases, and can grow and yield well in harsh weather conditions.

Zoting, one of their happy growers said, “The results are there for us all to see, and it’s really easy to get that yield difference. One acre of my hybrid beans crop planted in August has given me an income of 12 lakhs rupees and I can finally build my pucca (a solid and permanent) house.” From the global perspective, Ankur Seeds believe that this innovation will prove to be a rich source of protein for the majority populations of Asia and Africa.

“With their innovative solutions for the modern farming world, Ankur Seeds want to bridge the gap between the current agricultural developments and the future inventions to meet the demands of the farmers and consumers. The innumerable potential benefits of the fast-emerging hybrid technology, make it a revolutionary development of this era and also for the future. “Together, we are seeding the future of vegetable farming to ensure that the needs of the coming generations are met through our innovations,” said Dr. Ashwin Kashikar, GM, R&D, Ankur Seeds.

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