Savannah Seeds introduces ‘FullPage’ technology for enhancing rice yield and saving labour costs

Savannah Seeds introduces ‘FullPage’ technology for enhancing rice yield and saving labour costs

Rudrapur: In a significant innovative push to rice crops in Uttarakhand, Savannah Seeds has introduced a new solution that will benefit thousands of rice farmers in India and help push yields. Terming the new technology as a game changer and futuristic, the company said it offers a holistic approach, reducing groundwater usage by up to 30 per cent, saving Rs 3000-4000 per acre in labour costs, increasing yields, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 25-30 per cent. To empower farmers with scientific inputs and solutions, a special app was also launched on the occasion.

Ajai Rana, Asia Pacific Business Head and CEO, Savannah Seeds, said, “The FullPage cropping solution and the FullPage App will bring about a revolution in rice cultivation by addressing the critical issue of weed management. It not only enhances farmers’ income but also conserves water, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thus safeguarding our environment for future generations.”

The cutting-edge FullPage solution offers a comprehensive four-pronged advantage specifically engineered for direct-seeded rice (DSR). It integrates smart genetics for optimised crop performance and ensures uniform germination and robust growth with its SQUAD seed treatment, eliminating phytotoxicity risks for maximum yield.

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Traditional DSR methods often face weed management issues and inconsistent germination, leading to lower yields. FullPage addresses these with ADAMA’s Vezir herbicide, providing reliable control of weeds like weedy/red/feral rice and barnyard grass in Imazethapyr-tolerant hybrid rice.

Manoj Singh, Head of FullPage at Savannah Seeds, emphasised the correct application of FullPage by saying, “It is essential to use seven kg of seeds per acre. Apply 400 ml of Vezir weedicide when weeds are at their second to third leaf stage, which typically occurs 10 to 15 days after sowing. Ensure the fields are not irrigated for 24 hours after spraying, and avoid using Vezir on other crops.”

Leading the charge are two pioneering rice hybrids: Sava 134 and Sava 127, tailored to excel in key regions such as Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, catering to early to medium maturity segments.

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FullPage is a comprehensive rice cropping system backed by expert technical support, aiding farmers in adopting this innovative solution and optimising Vezir herbicide use. The Savannah team has conducted nearly 500 demonstrations over three years, reaching over 17,000 farmers. Farmers have favoured direct seeding over transplanting, recognising the system’s benefits in addressing water scarcity, reducing labour, and improving weed management, thereby promoting sustainable farming practices, the company informed.

“Through dedicated effort and extensive farmer collaboration, we’re bringing cutting-edge technology to address critical agricultural challenges in India, from water management to weed control. FullPage holds the promise of enhancing livelihoods and ensuring a sustainable future for farmers and the environment. This launch marks a significant step towards our vision of fostering sustainable rice cultivation that delivers lasting value for farmers, consumers, and the planet,” added Rana.

Farmers are showing optimism with the new technology. Sukhvinder Singh from Uttarakhand highlights that Savannah Seeds’ FullPage’s innovative technologies make farming easier, more profitable, and eco-friendly. “With worsening water situations, tech interventions like FullPage are essential,” Singh said. Jagbir Malik, another rice grower from Kichha, Uttarakhand, noted that rising rice cultivation costs can be reduced with newer and greener technologies.” FullPage will greatly benefit rice growers across the country,” he added.

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