US dairy supply chain technology provider, acquires Mr. Milkman in India

US dairy supply chain technology provider, acquires Mr. Milkman in India
Post-acquisition, will invest in further enhancing the Mr. Milkman last-mile delivery platform and develop various solutions for the dairy industry in India

America’s leading dairy technology, services, and intelligence provider,, has made its first investment in India with the acquisition of Mr. Milkman, a last-mile dairy supply chain SaaS platform. The company has acquired a 100 per cent stake in Mr. Milkman to strengthen its integrated supply chain solution offerings for dairies worldwide.

The two companies will use their combined agribusiness technologies, development resources, and industry expertise to enable and innovate last-mile dairy supply chain solutions for markets in India and abroad.

India is the world’s largest producer and consumer of milk and dairy products. Dairy is one of the most sizeable agribusinesses in India, and the industry is valued at Rs.11,357 billion. Additionally, there is huge growth potential with value-added products such as cheese, yogurt, probiotic drinks, flavoured milk, ice cream, and other products in the segment. and Mr. Milkman are positioned to thrive in India as their solutions are ideally suited to successfully supporting the country’s exponential rise of e-commerce and its increasing consumer demand for convenience, value, food safety, ease of payment, and product variety from the industry.

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“Dairy sector and milk brands in India will need to employ technology at every level, right from procurement of milk to last-mile delivery in order to grow and be successful. Milk brands in India and around the world operate on slim margins, and since milk prices have a cap, the only way to grow profits is to become more efficient – which can only happen through the implementation of technology,” said Mr. Milkman Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Samarth Setia. “Our entire company is proud to be joining the talented team to accelerate the development of our last-mile delivery solution to meet the rising customer needs. We also look forward to providing some of the most advanced solutions has to offer to the milk brands in India,” Setia added.

Mr.  Milkman’s colleagues are equally enthusiastic about the future for their joint efforts, including Chief Executive Officer Scott Sexton. “We are very excited to invest in the continued success and incredible growth at Mr. Milkman. Our entire global team is committed to developing innovative solutions that empower supply chains to feed a growing world, and Mr. Milkman is a natural addition to our AgTech solution portfolio,” he said.

Already used by over 60+ Indian dairy brands, Mr. Milkman enables dairy food product companies to efficiently manage multiple aspects of dairy distribution, supply chain, customer subscriptions and delivery requests. In addition to being cost-effective to implement, Mr. Milkman is a pre-built alternative to food delivery aggregator apps and includes payment processing capabilities.

In the future, the combined entity will look to optimise and digitise several areas of the agriculture supply chain in India, North America, and Europe. has extensive experience in multiple agribusiness areas and sectors, including first mile, plant operations, payments, quality control, risk management and transportation, and employs over 200 people worldwide.

Mr. Milkman is a state-of-the-art SaaS platform that empowers dairies and other industries to manage customer subscriptions and deliveries with unrivalled efficiency. From the farm all the way to the end consumer, the real-time analytics platform easily tracks all sales data, provides a complete performance overview, and enables informed business decisions.

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