IBISA’s innovative climate-risk insurance offers shield to dairy farmers from heat waves

IBISA's innovative climate-risk insurance offers shield to dairy farmers from heat waves
In response to the significant decline in milk yield during severe heat waves, IBISA's Heat Stress Solution utilises advanced climate metrics and satellite technology to protect dairy farmers

Bengaluru: IBISA, an Insurtech, headquartered in Luxembourg, announced the launch of its latest innovation – the Heat Stress Solution. This advancement in climate-risk insurance underscores IBISA’s commitment to addressing critical challenges the dairy industry faces.

In response to the significant decline in milk yield, estimated at 30-35 per cent during severe heat waves, IBISA’s Heat Stress Solution utilises advanced climate metrics and satellite technology to provide vital protection for dairy farmers. By offering compensation for revenue losses incurred due to heat stress, this solution serves as a lifeline for dairy farmers across India.

Since its introduction in 2024, the Heat Stress Solution has already safeguarded over 100,000 livestock within a mere fortnight, spanning 14 districts in Kerala. Notable beneficiaries include farmers associated with the Trivandrum, Malabar, and Ernakulam Regional Co-operative Milk Producers’ Unions (TRCMPU, MRCMPU, and ERCMPU respectively).

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Furthermore, the product is currently operational in select districts of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. IBISA anticipates expanding its reach in the coming months through collaborations with multiple milk unions and key partners within the dairy value chain. Strategic partnerships with DeHaat, a leading agritech firm, and Behtar Zindagi, an online agri marketplace platform provider, further enhance the accessibility and impact of climate-risk insurance to dairy farmers.

IBISA’s expertise in developing, distributing, and overseeing effective climate-risk insurance solutions is unparalleled. As an Insurtech firm, IBISA collaborates with local insurers, providing comprehensive support in insurance risk modelling, design, assessment, and technological infrastructure, ultimately enabling insurers to underwrite and deliver tailored insurance products efficiently.

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Highlighting the offering, Balachandran MK, IBISA’s Head of Growth for Asia, said, “Identifying and addressing a critical necessity, we’ve brought to the fore an insurance model that is not just accessible but also comprehensible to our clients. The surge in our solution’s adoption is a clear indicator of the heightened awareness and demand for such protective measures amidst climatic adversities.”

Recognising the impact of climate change on various sectors, IBISA is addressing insurance gaps in the poultry industry as well. Through strategic collaborations and grassroots awareness initiatives, IBISA aims to redefine India’s agri-insurance landscape, empowering farmers and enterprises to navigate climate uncertainties effectively.

Emphasising climate-focused Insurtech, IBISA’s approach emphasises innovative tech applications and simplicity, fostering sustainability and agricultural security for the future.

(The story is based on a press release issued by IBISA.)

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