AgriClimate Tech – Iyris partners with Magrabi Agriculture to expand hot climate agriculture technologies

AgriClimate Tech - Iyris partners with Magrabi Agriculture to expand hot climate agriculture technologies

Delaware, USA: Iyris, formerly known as RedSea, a sustainable AgriClimate Tech business which advances and commercializes hot climate agriculture technologies globally, recently, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Magrabi Agriculture – a leading Egyptian fresh produce provider to 60 countries.

The MoU covers sales of Iyris’ cutting-edge technologies – including its award-winning SecondSky greenhouse covers and data platform, and access to all upcoming Iyris innovations – to Magrabi Agriculture, for deployment in its Egyptian farming facilities and to support its international operations.

“Magrabi Agriculture will benefit significantly from using Iyris‘ innovative solutions in its farming practices. SecondSky covers alone can reduce energy consumption by over 40 per cent, water use by 30 per cent, and profitability by 28 per cent – potentially transforming Magrabi’s farming operations, improving its sustainability and profit margins, and enhancing produce quality,” the agritech informed.

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Iyris’ recent strategic rebrand from RedSea has cemented its transition to a pure-play technology company, focusing on the commercialisation and development of AgriClimate technology solutions.

The announcement also follows Iyris’ appointment of Bruno De Oliveira as VP of East Africa & Egypt to bolster its operational team in the region, following increased customer demand.

Bruno De Oliveira, VP of East Africa & Egypt at Iyris, said, “I am thrilled to announce this MoU with our valued partners at Magrabi Agriculture. This builds on our rapid growth in Egypt – a market that knows, firsthand, the impact of accelerating climate change, and where growers can benefit from our suite of AgriClimate technologies. Today’s news shows our commitment to partnering with sustainable operators – and we are excited to have Magrabi in our portfolio of esteemed, market-leading partners.”

The MoU is a major step in advancing commercial farming in the region, and hot climates globally. The partnership reinforces Iyris’ exceptional regional reputation and its engagement success with the largest growers in target market countries. The growers recognise the potential impact and improved profitability that Iyris’ technologies bring to agricultural practices.

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The partnership will build on Iyris’ presence – with 30 hectares of Iyris SecondSky roofs already installed on a major government-owned site in Egypt.

Ehad El Maghraby, Director of Planning & Development at Magrabi Agriculture, said, “Innovation, quality and resource efficiency are key drivers across the Magrabi business. In Iyris, we have a partner that has developed a suite of hot climate agriculture technologies that will contribute significantly to our capability to sustainably serve our international client base.”

“Iyris technologies are targeted to hot climate agriculture, extending the growing season, reducing crop inputs and improving the quality of produce delivered, and that aligns completely with our business objectives. We are excited about how this partnership will enable us to grow our business and meet the increasing need to supply high-quality produce to all our export markets that have suffered from the impact of increasing high heat on yield,” Ehad El Maghraby added.

According to Iyris, its sustainable agriculture technologies are now deployed and used by growers in 11 countries across five continents.

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