AgNext launches electrostatic-based pesticide sprayer

AgNext launches electrostatic-based pesticide sprayer
The e-sprayer contains an IoT device allowing users to track real-time spraying activity. A farmer can monitor the entire activity such as movement of spraying with GPS location and many other activities

AgNext Technologies, a leading agritech company, has introduced e-sprayer, an electrostatic-based pesticide sprayer for 360° crop coverage, zero pesticide wastage or excessive pesticide dripping. E-spray disperses electrostatically charged atomised liquid spray in a way that attracts and coils to the leaf or crop itself, while also recording the user’s geolocation.

The e-sprayer contains an IoT (internet of things) device that allows users to track spraying activity in real-time, allowing a farmer to monitor the entire activity such as the movement of the spraying person with GPS location on the map, sprayed area, chemical consumption, start and end time of spraying and prevent malpractices. The sprayer comes in a variety of capacities and can be easily transported from one location to another, reducing soil toxicity and water contamination. This Agnext e-sprayer helps in limiting the presence of pesticides in the crop and maintaining it to an optimum level.

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Highlighting the new offering, Taranjeet Singh Bhamra, Founder & CEO, AgNext Technologies said “E-spray is a breakthrough technology developed by Agnext. It is an electrostatic sprayer designed in a way to give the maximum benefit to the farmers. We are working towards developing and deploying more such technology for rural areas that will change the lives of farmers as well as the whole agriculture landscape.”

In addition to being advantageous for farmers and consumers, it also aids “Sprayer” because charged particles don’t enter the sprayer’s respiratory system, preventing long-term lung diseases. AgNext is an agritech startup that provides deep-tech-enabled solutions for food quality assessment to enable quality-based food trade. The company has innovated full-stack solutions to enhance the productivity and profitability of agribusinesses’ operational excellence in post-harvest agriculture.

(All features are claimed by AgNext Technologies. The story is based on a press statement made by the manufacturer.)

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