FMC India introduces 3 products for pest management and soil fertility

FMC India introduces 3 products for pest management and soil fertility

In order to offer better solutions for pest management and soil fertility, FMC India, an agricultural sciences company, recently announced its portfolio expansion with three new products catering to Indian farmers to help achieve better yields through good quality produce and an improved soil profile.

Highlighting the launch, Ravi Annavarapu, President, FMC India, said, “FMC India has served Indian farmers for more than three decades, and we are committed to enabling their prosperity while contributing to the sustainability of Indian agriculture. The new solutions introduced today are a result of FMC’s deep multi-year research in identifying farmers’ challenges and addressing them effectively and quickly through customised innovations.”

The newly launched pest management product, Talstar Plus insecticide is a novel broad-spectrum premix that provides protection against sucking and chewing pests which are a big pain point for Indian farmers of groundnut, cotton and sugarcane crops. The product gives farmers a superior tool to fight white grub, thrips and aphids in groundnut; grey weevil, mealy bug, jassids, whitefly, thrips and aphids in cotton; and termite and early shoot borer in sugarcane crop. Talstar Plus insecticide is available at leading retail stores across the country.

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The soil fertility solution, Petra Biosolution is a new generation customised solution powered by reactive carbon technology to improve the physical and biological properties of soil. It provides crops with the much-needed head start by mobilising the applied phosphorus in the soil. Fortified with organic matter, Petra Biosolution acts as a source of food for soil microbes, while facilitating nutrient uptake, improving soil texture and enhancing soil fertility. It is easy to use, suitable for the majority of crops, and creates a solid foundation for healthy soil, root and plants. Petra Biosolution will be available for sale from December 2022.

The third launched product of the day, Cazbo crop nutrition, a speciality micronutrient solution, effectively nourishes crops by supplementing essential elements like calcium, zinc and boron, and working to correct multiple deficiencies and related disorders in most crops. It provides better efficiency compared to traditional calcium solutions when utilised in appropriate dosage and at the right stage of the crop growth cycle. Cazbo crop nutrition promises to contribute significantly to improved fruit quality and storage potential of the crop. Cazbo crop nutrition will be available for sale from December 2022.

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